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How Do You Like Your Poutine?... Smoke's Poutinerie Review

Fries, gravy and mozzarella cheese curds.  These are the key ingredients of the Quebecois dish that goes by the name poutine.   522 more words


Graffiti af


These photos were taken during a last minute trip to Toronto. I finally got to visit the beautiful graffiti walls off of Queen Street. We also stopped my Kensington Market, my favourite place in the city.   15 more words


Princess Series #4 - * Belle *

Bonjour à tous! Today’s featured Princess is Belle. I will admit to you all that Belle has and always be my top Princess. Rapunzel is a very, very close second. 154 more words

Princess Series #1 - * Snow White *

Hello everyone! I am so very excite to announce for the month of July GCG will be doing a princess series! Every Wednesday & Friday be on the look for a new featured princess and how to grab her look! 264 more words

SIN Abruptly Cancels NAPs With RE, T-SC in Wake of Peace deals With Stomp

Less than 24 hours after a whirlwind of diplomatic wrangling that led Stomps to extend peace offerings to T-SC and T-O while also making peace with RE, the Hashashin have abruptly cancelled their NAP agreements with both T-SC and T-O in what appears to be a serious rift over the DSD appendages’ unilateral negotiating with Stomp. 406 more words


T-O, T-SC RE Accept Stomp White Peace Offer [UPDATED]

Two key alliances in support of the BL land claim initiative have accepted white peace offerings from Stomp in overnight negotiations that effectively take the upstart alliance’s primary adversary out of the mix in Elgea. 410 more words


He-Man, Odoacer Spar in Elgea; SIN Racks Up Third Raze

In the early goings of the Stomp/BL Land Claimers war, SIN has drawn first blood in the BL, taking advantage of close, indefensible Stomp cities. In response, Stomp is looking to be equally as opportunistic, leveraging its military might in Elgea against He-Man’s remaining desert strongholds. 226 more words