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Top 10 Lists That Would ACTUALLY Help Me Get Through the Day

So aside from this little personal blog of mine, I have spent a notable portion of the last 6 months partaking in a little freelance side gig for the Toronto-based lifestyle blog… 770 more words


PRESS RELEASE: Dissolution of T-SC

During the Newlands War, T-SC was invited to merge with T-O and Heat.  Before we can merge, though, 3 things were required of us: first we had to drop our land claim, second we had to end our conflict with SHARK and third we had to pull out of the DSD.   505 more words


REPORT: T-O, HEAT Merge To Form "Holy Storm Company;" Fate of DSD Unknown

A tip to the Times indicates that T-O and DSD leader Pellinell has permanently departed both organizations to form a new alliance called the Holy Storm Company , along with members of The Liberation . 262 more words


BIG HITS: 118K ABSA Knights Take Down Over 450K T-O Siege Forces

Thank you to ABSA and T-O for sending and confirming these reports, and giving permission to use them in our latest edition of BIG HITS, which details what is likely the biggest hit of the year in a real metawar. 1,615 more words


ABSA and T-O Declare War; Newlands War Sputters

A new war sparked in Elgea late this week between two well-known alliances Absaroke and DSD leaders The Order . The war announcement further clouds the political climate in Illyriad that includes the Newlands War, which at present appears to have stalled. 410 more words


As plantinhas tem sido um refúgio

Cuidar delas, as plantas, tem sido uma bênção, no final são elas instrumentos de Deus que cuidam de mim!

Tenha ao menos um florzinha?

País - Brasil

Prone to Wander

So here’s a little observation I’ve made this year: my friends need to stop getting married.

If that sounds like a selfish statement to make that’s because, well… I’m being selfish. 1,824 more words