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Tyrannosaurus Rex was a sensitive lover, says the US journal Scientific Reports. Tyrannosaurs had snouts as sensitive to touch as human fingerprints, and while they would have used these tactile noses to explore their surroundings, build nests and pick up fragile eggs and offspring, males and females may also have rubbed their sensitive faces together in a prehistoric form of foreplay… 757 more words

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Weekly Highlights for April 21

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Jurassic Park in review: JP III part 2

We then get a scene that’s a clear call-back to the dig site scene of the original. Except with considerably less people and tools chipping away at thing, and the Raptor seems to have more prominent teeth here. 721 more words

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T.REX - " Live 1977 " 2 LP Set Record Store Day Release 2017

A live Marc Bolan and T.Rex album was never released during Marc’s lifetime. He claimed that he felt it unfair to expect fans to buy the same material more than once, and a multitude of contractual problems also kept his hands tied. 512 more words