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Buckle Up, It's Merchandise Time

Before any of this starts, two important announcements. First, a new Jurassic World trailer will drop at 11 PM ET on April 8th!

Somebody get a countdown clock running up in here. 1,157 more words

The Best Author You've Never Read Vol. 6 : Michael Crichton

I’m not sure if he belongs, because you’ve probably read him…but not lately. With the latest installment of Jurassic Park looming on the horizon of this summer’s blockbuster movie line-up, it might be time to go back and re-read the books that spawned the movies. 915 more words


Post-Penguin vs Downy Dinosaurs

Did I mention that there’s a side-project within this not fully fleshed out comic idea?

There totally is.

Samson is a hyper intelligent penguin who gets into antarctic themed adventures. 14 more words

MARC BOLAN - " Marc Bolan at The BBC "

Like his contemporary, friend, rival and peer David Bowie, Marc Bolan’s journey from ace face Mod in the London of the Swinging ‘60s to ground-breaking megastar in the early-‘70s was a fascinating one. 1,116 more words


Game stop LEGO 13-inch Jurassic World T-rex Game stop exclusive

If you pre-order LEGO Jurassic World (at Game Stop) you will get a 13-inch LEGO T-rex set. This is most likely a Game stop exclusive and if it is I’m sure a lot of people are going to go after it. 67 more words