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Ferid vs T Rex

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton The T Rex has returned to claim his glory through a victory but alas this does not seem to be in the cards for him. 74 more words


Jurassic Park: A Memory

When my sister and I were younger, our dad decided to take us to see Jurassic Park. We loved the movie! The T-Rex throwing the lamb leg onto the top of the tour vehicle, Raptors attacking in the breaker building, the raptors and T-Rex in the building at the end. 227 more words


FFO: Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, My Morning Jacket

Four guys, four nationalities, and one shared love for 1960s Psychedelia. This is what makes up the London based psych-rock soul train that is The Statue Thieves.   170 more words


Post #57

An idea I had today… I’ve been wanting to build a little free library since I first doscovered one, a few years ago. Thinking, some variant of this might be exactly the expression and project that would be perfect for my busy and unrefined street… and me…


Mistakes Included in Pop Songs

We all make mistakes, even people that make pop records. Sometimes, those mistakes are so tasty that they are left in. I offer three examples that I savor every time I hear them. 212 more words


Dino Time!

This week had a nice surprise by way of a LEGO Magazine dino special as a tie-in to the upcoming second Jurassic World movie.

As a goodie, the mag comes with a poly bag of… 446 more words