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A Not So Terrible Lizard

Actually, God didn’t make George. T and I did.

We are now accepting worshipers.

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Strange Stuff

Apparently, I have a lot in common with George.

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"Change"- T. Rex

Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow – A Creamed Cage in August is not a universally beloved T. Rex album. While there are a few contenders for classic songs, none are particularly essential except for marking a change in Bolan’s style. 85 more words

Marc Bolan

Dinosaur in El Classico

When you’ve spent at least $120 for that golden ticket of El Classico, you’re expected to cheer, shout and be in an eccentric mood after seeing your lifetime football icons. 272 more words



A T-Rex has escaped from the Headley Hill Labs. They’ve been warned not to let their clones loose in town, but they claim it was an accident. 105 more words

News You Can Use! How to Outrun a T. Rex #dinosaurs

Remember the “square-cube” law? It’s a basic fact that as a simple shape expands, its volume cubes while its surface area merely squares. This is important if you need to outrun a really large animal. 390 more words

Neat Science News

Upright Croc Species Confirmed

A  stunning discovery of 100-million-year-old footprints in South Korea has dramatically captured the imagination of researchers across the planet. For the first time in history, a crocodile has been known to have existed in the remote past that walked upright, on two legs. 59 more words

Long-Ago Times