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Exploring system tables, views, SPs etc

I wanted to spend a few minutes highlighting a couple of important tools for figuring out what information you have available to you within SQL Server. 459 more words

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Using EXECUTE AS to control data access


Ownership chaining is one process that SQL Server uses to allow stored procedures access to tables where the user might not have permission. It has issues with stored procedures that have dynamic sql – EXECUTE AS is one solution. 1,655 more words


The Uni-Code: The Search for the True List of Valid Characters for T-SQL Identifiers, Part 3 of 2 (Delimited Identifiers)

(last updated: 2018-04-18)

This is Part 3 of 2. Yes, you read that correctly. You see, way back at the very beginning (i.e. in Part 1… 2,691 more words


Automate Import of Active Directory Records into SQL Server

Previously we detailed how to query Active Directory with the help of a linked server in SQL Server. Now let’s take it a step further by automating the process of retrieving the records from Active Directory and storing them in a SQL Server database using a job schedule. 614 more words

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Deleting a lot of data

I recently had the task of deleting a bit over a billion rows from a table. Now I could have done just this:

DELETE FROM tablename WHERE createdate >= '1/1/2017' 490 more words
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Why Doesn't CONTEXT_INFO() Return the Exact Value Set by SET CONTEXT_INFO?

(last updated: 2018-04-10)

Let’s say that you execute the following T-SQL:


The result will be:


Why is that? The value passed in is an INT, which is only 4 bytes, yet… 1,503 more words


What's in a Name?: Inside the Wacky World of T-SQL Identifiers

(last updated: 2018-04-18)

Today we are going to take a look into an area that you probably are thinking has very little to see: T-SQL Identifiers (i.e. 3,104 more words