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FileTable and storing graphs from Microsoft R Server

FileTable has been around now for quite some time and and it is useful  for storing files, documents, pictures and and binary files in a designated SQL Server table – FileTable. 853 more words

SQL Server - Why storing dates as strings is a bad idea

Consider the following value: ’01-02-10′.  Is it the 1st February 2010?  Is it the 2nd of January 2010?  Is it the 10th of February 2001? 265 more words

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Size of XDF files using RevoScaleR package

It came to my attention that size of XDF (external data frame) file can change drastically based on the compute context and environment. When testing the output of a dataset I was working on in SQL Server Management Studio I was simultaneously testing R code in… 552 more words

A quick fix for a full identity column.

A while back I wrote a post on everything I knew about identity columns. In it I mentioned the following:

  • Negative increments can be handy if your identity column has reached the max value of the data type.
  • 592 more words
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Query to return date options for a report eg last month, this month etc

SELECT ‘Manual Date Range (Uncheck the Null checkboxes)’ as ‘PeriodLabel’,’No Range’ AS value, 2 as ‘orders’
SELECT ‘Today – ‘ + CAST(CAST(getdate() AS DATE) AS CHAR(10)) + ‘ To ‘ + 293 more words


Using an ORDER BY in a view

For many years it’s been a best practice to never put an ORDER BY in a view. The idea is that a view shouldn’t have an inherent order. 217 more words

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BI Book References Added, Resources Updated

A BI Book Reference Page (see Resources tab) has been added to identify the books I find most relevant and valuable to MSBI practitioners and developers as well as Excel and Power BI business analysts. 77 more words

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)