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SQL SERVER - Using MaxTransferSize parameter with SQL Server Backups

Off late I have been writing a lot around SQL Server backups and administration topics. I have seen a lot of my readers have been enjoying some of the deep conversations I have with people in the industry. 440 more words

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SQL Server Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'xxxx' to data type int - A Root Cause Analysis

There are many reasons but this is what I ran into:

The query was simple as follows:

select top 1 stopid from busstops where code = cast('836' as int)
… 472 more words
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Interview Question of the Week #013 - Stored Procedure and Its Advantages - How to Create Stored Procedure

There are some questions which are so old that they should not be asked in the interview and gets old. Here is one of the questions I have spotted so many times in the interview that if co-interviewer asks to the candidate, I often feel bored (well, I was caught yawning last time). 211 more words

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SQL SERVER - System procedures to know SQL Server Version

There are several ways to know the version of SQL Server. But did you know that there are two system procedures through which you can know the version? 102 more words

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SQL Server Query Optimizer - when joins are ignored

The query optimizer in SQL Server is very powerful and smart – provided you give it enough information and clues to do its job.  One recent discovery caught me by surprise – the fact that SQL Server can skip performing joins altogether in certain scenarios. 491 more words

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SQL SERVER – Find the Growth Size for All files in All Databases

I am a big time advocate of some common best practices that I see in the industry. These have been ingrained into every session that I do be it SQL Server, MySQL or any other databases. 379 more words

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SQL SERVER - Mistake to Avoid: Duplicate and Overlapping Indexes - Notes from the Field #073

: In this episode of the Notes from the Field series database expert Kathi Kellenberger explains about indexes and its impact. We often believe that indexes will improve the performance of the query, but it is not true always. 1,028 more words

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