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SQL Server Auditing and Recovery With ApexSQL Log 2016

ApexSQL Log is a powerful SQL Server transaction reader for forensic auditing and rollback of malicious and/or unintended changes for Microsoft SQL Server. It is an ideal cost solution for recovery, row changes and/or before-after auditing. 1,241 more words

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SQL SERVER - How to Connect Using NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Account?

Sometimes it is needed to connect to SQL Server using System account. Don’t literally ask me if this is a valid scenario in first place. Someone just pinged to say – they want to do it. 298 more words

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Interview Question of the Week #057 - What is GO in SQL SERVER?

GO is not a Transact-SQL statement; it is often used in T-SQL code. Go causes all statements from the beginning of the script or the last GO statement (whichever is closer) to be compiled into one execution plan and sent to the server independent of any other batches. 139 more words

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MySQL - How to Generate Random Number

In MySQL, UUID() function returns Universal Unique Identifier that generates 36 characters long value which is 5 part hexadecimal numbers. If you want to create random password, you can make use of this function. 135 more words

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Get Drive Sizes using SQL or PowerShell

There are countless methods to obtain drive size information, each with its own set of benefits and limitations. I use a few different methods depending on if I have to type out the solution quickly or if I need a comprehensive view. 665 more words

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SQL SERVER - Install Error - The /UIMode setting cannot be used in conjunction with /Q or /QS

Doing repetitive tasks is something everyone hates. I am sure many of us have resorted to ingenious techniques to figure out doing the task efficiently. There is no standard tool or technique that everyone uses. 309 more words

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SQL SERVER - SSIS - Get Started with the For Loop Container - Notes from the Field #113

: SSIS is very well explored subject, however, there are so many interesting elements when we read, we learn something new. A similar concept has been Get Started with the For Loop Container. 838 more words

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