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Which Collation is Used to Convert NVARCHAR to VARCHAR in a WHERE Condition? (Part A of 2: "Duck")

So, the actual question is a bit more specific than would reasonably fit into a title, and it is:

In a WHERE condition (in Microsoft SQL Server, if that’s not obvious), when a string constant containing Unicode characters but… 2,753 more words


Information Measurement with SQL Server, Part 2.4: Conditional and Joint Entropy

By Steve Bolton

…………Since this series on using SQL Server to implement the whole gamut of information metrics is wide-ranging in nature, it will also be somewhat disorganized by necessity; this is doubly true, given that I’m writing it in order to learn the material faster, not because I’m already intimately familiar with these topics. 3,181 more words

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SQL Puzzle - Word Scrambler

I’ve been writing crosswords for the last few months and to change things up I thought I would do a word scramble. Well, step one was to create a function that would scramble the words for me. 392 more words

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How to retrieve output parameter from stored procedure in Entity Framework


How to get output parameter in stored procedure from Entity Framework(CSEFOutputParameter)


This sample demonstrates how to use ObjectParameter instance to get the value of output parameter in Entity Framework. 190 more words


Parens (Really) Matter for Unions

In the course of testing a major upgrade, one of my users in Accounting happened upon a problem with one of her scenarios. The web app we were working on had a habit of “locking up” on people when loading some pages; in most cases, it was because the server was pushing a… 495 more words


How to Reset Identity Column Values in Sql Server


Step 1: Create table.

  Name VARCHAR(10)

Step 2: Insert some sample data.

INSERT INTO dbo.Emp(name)
VALUES ('Rakesh')
INSERT INTO dbo.Emp(Name)
VALUES ('Rakesh Kalluri')
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Sessions, Temporary Objects, and the Afterlife

For thousands of years theologians have offered various thoughts on the question of what happens when we die. Does some part of who we are come back to start over again? 2,261 more words