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Logic of Query Processing - PART 1


I am writing this blog to remind myself how the query processing work. It is a forgettable item because it is different from the way you write a query. 419 more words


Creating a date dimension table

The code below creates a date dimension table. Note, so work is needed around getting the holidays correct, as at the moment if a holiday was to fall on a weekend, the following Monday is marked as holiday. 1,039 more words


Easy to read CHECKDB

If you ask a senior DBA what are the top 5 most important commands in T-SQL you’ll probably see DBCC CHECKDB in most if not all of those lists. 828 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

Daily shot - use the extended properties

How can you add metadata (i.e.: build number, last deploy date, etc.) for your database? One way if you create a table for it but I find better and more elegant if you use the extended properties. 101 more words

Daily Shot

Semicolon v.s. GO in TSQL

GO和分號(Semicolon)在TSQL中容易讓人混淆,但是實際上有很多地方不太一樣。打字猴在這篇文章中將介紹它們的不同之處。 374 more words

Don't Count on Me

This post is in support of Tim Ford’s (b|t#iwanttohelp challenge. And also written because this has burned me twice in the past 3 months and by blogging about it, hopefully it’ll stick in my mind. 733 more words