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Master_Views: master_objects, master_tables, etc

There is a highly useful system view called sys.master_files. If you’ve never encountered it before it returns a list of all files from all databases. 549 more words

Microsoft SQL Server

Selectively disable "Include actual execution plan"

The “include actual execution plan” feature in SQL Server Management Studio is an invaluable tool for performance tuning. It returns the actual execution plan used for each statement, including actual row counts, tempdb spills and a lot of other information you need to do performance tuning. 242 more words


How to get Line Item Detail information with Totals in T-SQL (Percent of Parent).

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This blog post is a follow up to a question I received when I gave my Advanced TSQL Webinar for Pragmatic Works. If you haven’t seen that yet and would like to see it you can view the webinar… 341 more words


Seek & Destroy Duplicate Indexes in your SQL Database

This post is Part 1 of my series of upcomingposts on Index Maintenance for a DBA. So here goes.

There are all sorts of indexing tuning & optimizations that can be done on a SQL database. 676 more words


Is your WHERE clause Sargable?

Actually, the term SARGABLE doesn’t even exist in the dictionary. At least as of May 2016. It is derived from the contraction of S… 809 more words


XQueryPlanPath Updated

New! Improved!

I’ve made a few changes to the XQueryPlanPath project. The project parses query plans into xml and then using xpath to find the value of one or more nodes. 395 more words


Compressing LOBs using T-SQL in SQL Server 2016

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A few months ago a DEV team leader came to me with the following situation:

“I have a table that holds a nvarchar(max) which is the content of a file I have to import every day. 729 more words