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Setting SQL Server Maximum Memory

One of the dafter defaults in SQL Server is the Maximum Server Memory (MB) – set to a value of 2147483647. Who has a server with 2PB RAM? 1,254 more words

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Select and Start a SQL Job without knowing the full job name or history

So I was trying to figure out how to get the TLog backup job’s name based on Back History¬†because in this case, the job name happens to vary between SQL Server Instances. 207 more words

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Converting Between SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase and others...

Hi all!
I was asked to make a conversion from T-SQL (MSSQL) Procedure to PL/PGSQL. Regarding how boring is this task, the follow link helped me: 105 more words


Connect suggestion to add included columns to sp_helpindex

I’m a big fan of the sp_help system stored procedures, which is why I’ve been a bit disappointed that the sp_helpindex stored procedure is rather badly flawed. 442 more words

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Concatenate Rows using FOR XML PATH()

To concat multiple rows of data into single row we can use XML PATH(”).

SELECT ‘,’ + Column_Name … FOR XML PATH(”)

Generates a set of comma separated values, based on combining multiple rows of data from the Column_Name column. 140 more words


jOOQ 3.10 will Support SQL Server's Table Valued Parameters

SQL Server has this nice feature called table-valued parameters (TVP), where users can pass table variables to a stored procedure for bulk data processing. This is particularly nice when the stored procedure is an… 373 more words


SQL: Case Statement

The Case Statement is SQL’s version of IF/THEN logic statements.

In this example, I am using the AdventureWorks2012 database, which is free to download. You do not need this to follow the lesson, but if you want to play along, follow this link:  336 more words

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