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Interview Question of the Week #027 - Move TempDB from One Drive to Another Drive When Low Disk Space

I am often invited to attend various interviews and once in a while, I see practical questions discussed in the interview. Here is one of the important interview question which is related to TempDB. 345 more words

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SQL SERVER - Secure by Default - The Mantra

Generally the talks I give at conferences revolve around performance and tuning. These are always the most sought after topic and I don’t disappoint the requests because they give me an opportunity to learn something new too. 614 more words

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SQL SERVER - Difference Between Read Committed Snapshot and Snapshot Isolation Level

It is quite common that when a new feature gets introduced, there is a lot of talk about them. Sometimes even the old capabilities are lesser known because they can be used interchangeably in conversations. 644 more words

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How to convert sql_handle to Sql text - SQL server

Below one is the simple script to convert the sql_handle to text.

select top 1 tx.text, * from sys.dm_exec_query_stats as st cross apply sys.dm_exec_sql_text ( st.sql_handle) as tx… 26 more words


SQL SERVER - Why Haven’t You Disabled CPU Power Saving Yet?! - Notes from the Field #087

: This is an 87th episode of Notes from the Field series. Every week, I personally wait for the notes from the fields from Mike because it contains lessons of life which directly impacts DBA and Developer’s life positively. 723 more words

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Blocking and deadlocking on purpose

Blocking and deadlocking are not things you typically want to do deliberately. But sometimes you need to test error handling or prove a point and then you need to do the unusual. 1,239 more words

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SQL SERVER - Steps to Generate Windows Cluster Log?

Every now and then I sit next to DBA to learn some of their tricks. One of this recent learning is what I plan to share here. 509 more words

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