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Ink Cost: Epson Cartridges Contain Low Levels Of Ink

So you just got a new Epson printer, and you need to change ink already?  Does it seem like you don’t get as much life out of your new Epson ink cartridges?  565 more words
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News: Epson T069 Can't Be Refilled?

Can new Epson cartridges be refilled?

Example cartridge used is the T069 series yellow and magenta, however Epson’s current line of cartridges (T088, T069, T068, T077, T078, T098, T099) are all very similar in both shape and size, and getting inside the cartridge involves the same steps. 525 more words


News: Epson Says Hack This! T069/T068 Refill Prevention

More Bad News For Epson Refillers/Remanufacturers:

(see update at bottom) We cracked open some cartridges yesterday and have more bad news for refillers/remanufacturers. There is an easily findable internal… 794 more words


Review: Epson T088120 Inkjet Cartridge - Suck This

Epson T088 Series Inkjet Cartridges:

The Epson T088 series of inkjet cartridges could be the absolute worst display of greed we have seen from Epson yet.  274 more words

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