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Will You Listen To Us Now?

My  Silicon Valley startup job continues to be a conduit of many blessings, not the least of them being the way it compels me to keep social media pushed to the outermost edges of my time. 2,224 more words

Keep your eyes open!

New content for a new year… Let’s make 2019 the year for unsigned music! #T4G #FindtheUnsigned

We’re now covering Cardiff as well as Liverpool and Manchester. 30 more words

My Yaris Has a .50 Cal

I was recently criticized for criticizing the Large Evangelical Industrial Complex. “You are a Yaris trying to sideswipe a semi.” The conclusion I was supposed to draw was, “Stop going after the big guys.” 222 more words


Has D.A. Carson Separated From Trinity Evangelical Divinity School?

D.A. Carson who has taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School since 1978 appears to be no longer affiliated with the EFCA’s flagship seminary. Its almost as it Carson has disappeared. 2,249 more words

Evangelical Issues

Ligon Duncan on Suffering

This video, which is from the 2012 Together for the Gospel conference, features Ligon Duncan delivering one of the greatest sermons I have ever heard.  I have come back and listened to this many times and always recommend for anyone to listen and listen intently.  101 more words

Read The Grace of Shame

Dear Evangelical,

The Grace of Shame: 7 Ways the Church has Failed to Love Homosexuals is one of two most important books of 2017. The other is All That Is In God by James Dolezal. 1,322 more words

Book Shelf

Matt Chandler on Suffering

Matt Chandler, pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, preached on the need for pastors to prepare their congregations for suffering.  Since hearing that sermon, I have made it a personal mission to do just that.  98 more words