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Sermon Sunday: C.J. Mahaney

Normally, when we consider the Reformers, we consider the theological revolution they brought about; this consideration is good and right. One aspect of the Reformers we often skip over, however, is that these men were fundamentally pastors. 57 more words


9 Marks/9 Marxists Pastors and Expense Paid Trips to T4G Despite Cash-Strapped Churches, Thou Art The Man blog

My loyal readers may recall that nine months ago I wrote an article titled “Despite Tight Budgets UAE 9Marks Pastors Travel To T4G Conference USA.” (Link) Now, nine months later and facing a serious budget deficit, senior pastor John Folmar had the nerve to ask members to give sacrificially!

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A Slight Detour...

<–Exposure, pt.1.                                                                      Withering Heights.–>

This post is full of links–that is because all the leg-work of exposing these many instances of sin and corruption (and in some cases, just laziness) in the church has been done by other people!  2,384 more words

Going Pro(testant): We Are Saved By Grace Alone

Cade Campbell, Associate Pastor for Preaching and Discipleship at First Baptist Church Henryville, Indiana, is preaching a summer series titled Going Pro(testant): Living the Truths of the Reformation. 148 more words

Sean DeMars at Desiring God...Going to War for the Unborn Only to not Give a Damn When Children are Sexually Abused After they are Born

Sean DeMars over at Desiring God writes a post about going to war for the unborn. But here is the problem…many evangelicals are so fixated on abortion that they ignore or don’t care what happens to a child after they are born. 2,593 more words