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Ta da!

My stash-bust blanket is finished :D hurrah for a quick and easy project to keep my hands busy and my brain relaxed.

All the details of what hook and yarn I used and what size squares I made can be found… 183 more words

Post-Christmas ta da - the blanket version

I made three Christmas blankets this year. One was a commission, and I posted about that already, but the other two were gifts for very good friends of mine, both of whom read my blog, and so of course I couldn’t post pictures before they’d opened their presents! 225 more words

Post-Christmas ta da!

Now that Christmas is over with, I can share some of the little things I crocheted for my friends for Christmas :) I’ve also got a couple of Christmas-present-blankets to share, but those are gorgeous enough to merit their own post. 489 more words

Ta-da! Site Active

Images are stuck down, links are connected, gremlins are temporarily sedated, let’s do this!

Stories will be added as they’re completed, and future updates will occur in due time but for now see the… 34 more words

Site Active


TA-DA! EVEN for relatively unmusical sorts such as me, ta-da signals a revelation of some sort. It’s just one form of interstitial music, music that bridges a gap between two events in some meaningful way. 418 more words

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