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Beat the Blues, Kick the Stress

Alyson Fitzgerald, a junior at Towson University, takes time from her busy class schedule to bring happiness, friendships, and exercise to others.  Through Campus Recreation, Alyson teaches kickboxing and tabata group exercise classes.   10 more words


Kick Your Stress and Worries Away with Kickboxing Group Exercise Classes at Towson University

Left, right, up, and back!  The commands echoed off the studio walls as Alyson Fitzgerald, a student at Towson University and a group exercise instructor, teaching kickboxing and tabata for Campus Recreation, shouted them to her class.  550 more words


Having Options

The show is over, the sun is up late into the evenings, it’s warm out in the morning and now at night too…oh the workout options I have just gained for the next 6 months!   391 more words


My new productivity tool: E.gg Timer - a simple countdown timer

My new favorite productivity tool is this site: E.gg Timer – a simple countdown timer. Whenever I am procrastinating, I will use it to get myself to focus by starting it for 5, 10, or more minutes and telling myself: I will focus until the timer goes off. 77 more words



Of all days to workout, Wednesday, for me, is a great choice.

It could be because it starts with “W”. Like the word workout! 😊 442 more words


Some Monday Circuit Fun!

This is a workout I put together earlier this year aimed at hitting the body with exercises that carry a lot of bang for their buck and splitting them up with some great intervals. 74 more words

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Tabata…fun word, killer workout!

     A few years ago I was introduced to a workout called Tabata. It is now my nemesis and friend and it never gets easier. However despite being one of the most difficult workouts, I fell in love with it because it is short and EXTREMELY effective. 172 more words