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HIIT vs. Steady State Cardio

Back in the day, it was believed that in order to be lean, you had to commit to hours of steady cardio. To some, those long runs were therapy; to others, it was a bore. 527 more words

Weight Loss

Its all about HIITing it hard

What is HIIT?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is increasing in popularity and for good reason. People are just too busy to commit hours and hours to the gym. 1,439 more words


Tabata of the Day

Mountain climbers are a complex exercise. You are in plank position so your arms and shoulders are holding you up while your core and legs are also engaged. 208 more words


Workout of the Day - Saturday 2/6/16


20 Rounds for Time or ARMAP in 20:00 of:

6 Double Front Rack Kettlebell Lunges

6 Double Kettlebell Push Press

1 Weighted Run… 11 more words


There is much to celebrate.  For starters, it’s FRIDAY and that’s always fun.  Secondly, it’s Super Bowl weekend and football fans everywhere are gearing up for festivities…the Denver Broncos vs. 150 more words

Bringing Sweaty Back

2016-02-05 Friday

A) Group Stretch

B) Strict Press

C) Tabata
Front Squats (Rx75/55)
Box Jumps (Rx24/20)
Push Press (Rx75/55)
Chin Holds

**20 Seconds ON 10 Seconds REST for 8 Rounds


Third day - 1 min triplet and Airdyne

Started the day off with a bit more Patella Femoral Voodoo Flossing. Knee is starting to feel stronger. I have been experiencing weakness in my left knee and this has been a great exercise. 26 more words