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Day 12, Christmas Challenge. I know I'm a little late

I finally made it through the 12 days! I’m not sure which was my most favorite. Perhaps that incredible burn of I think it was day 7, but I… 493 more words


First Tabata Class and I'm Hooked!

I’ve been slowing getting back into a gym routine, last night I attended a Tabata Class that is being offered at my gym.

I’ve never been to a Tabata class before, I’ve heard about them but never went.   621 more words


Kick Your Butt Thursday

2 classes & one determined girl. Today was a long day & by the time it 4:45 rolled around I was in need of a stress reliving workout. 309 more words


Thursday workout II

Earlier I got tricked into a hike up the hill in the snow. All these things I’d never done before, like shoveling! I’d somehow managed to lead a very sheltered – if distinctly non acquisitive or material in any way typical – existence. 511 more words


So You Want To...

Summer bodies are made in the winter.  I’m sure you have heard that and it is true!  If you want to look great and feel amazing this summer you better get on your A game during these cold, cover-it-up months! 644 more words

Peaks blog 9: Comeback 2.0 - spinning and punching

Well, comeback 2.0 is underway. It’s a little shaky and a little tentative, but it is happening. I’ve never been one for cross training, but in a bid to keep my lungs open and my heart … 7 more words


Try a Class! Week of 1/9/17

I’m about to leave to enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers in less than an hour.  I have no idea what I’m going to wear and haven’t even done my makeup.  141 more words