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Legs and Abs Circuit

This is a cheeky little core and leg session that starts to burn pretty quickly! I’ve done it alone, with my housemate and I’ve suggested it to a friend who runs bootcamps. 85 more words


Τι είναι η γυμναστική Tabata & πως να την κάνεις στο σπίτι σου!

Υπάρχουν πολλά είδη γυμναστικής και σίγουρα θα έχεις δοκιμάσεις αρκετά από αυτά. Σκοπός κάθε είδους είναι να σε βοηθήσουν να φτάσεις το σώμα σου στον στόχο που έχεις θέση.


Full Body HIIT & Circuits with No Rest Tabata by Jen A

Finished this workout mid-day, while the new kitten was sleeping. I can’t believe I got through it. I was SO tired. But I did. Thank gods Julia made most of it timed & the few reps sets were not complex & were easy to get through fairly quickly. 306 more words

Home Workout

No Equipment Vacation Workout 3 full body HIIT & no-rest Tabata

Well… I was thinking to do either a rest day or mostly yoga day, but then I got news that there’s a delay in Lady Theodora leaving the Ukraine. 456 more words

Home Workout

Tabata & Strength #9 Upper Body

I’d been back bending around the house & yard earlier in the day, so I did the magic, online coin toss to decide between and upper body vs yoga for today’s workout. 489 more words

Home Workout

Self Domination

I’ve gotten very unfit.

There’s no pussy-footing around the fact.  I’ve been holding myself back physically…
Being lazy is one thing, but I think what I’ve been doing is something else entirely.   337 more words

Body Building