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Morning Y’all 💜

My morning began at 5 am with coffee the size of my head.
I fixed Wesley breakfast, packed him a lunch and off to work he went. 352 more words

Daily Check In

What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and does it Work?

Some people, like me, excessively research articles about fitness to make sure that they are doing the ‘right’ thing. If this is you and you have researched HIIT and already know about it, you can skip to the next paragraph. 731 more words


2017 Holiday HIIT #12: Sweaty Xmas Present by Kristin R

Well, I got the Polar going again via putting a new battery in the watch, and that might’ve been it. I can see where it’s going to be extremely difficult to make any more than a couple battery changes on the strap though, and while I’d ordered batteries for it, I also got a Wahoo TICKR. 517 more words


How to Burn 500 calories in 30 minutes?


The Tabata protocol is an extremely high-intensity training method that produces results very quickly. A Tabata workout or sequence is an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of exercise performed at maximum intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times for a total of four minutes. 128 more words


Short HIIT & Tabata & easy yoga

Well… was thinking to maybe do astanga but it’s just so cold inside, here in Portland. Plus I’m stiff and sore. I’m breaking out of order in the Julia WOs to do this no equipment one she just posted. 178 more words


Crossfit Lingo

The one thing Crossfitters love more than Crossfit is talking about Crossfit!

You’ll come to find that there are different acronym’s and terminologies used with in the Crossfit world.

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