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Tabata conquered again!

Today’s workout corresponds to Day 9 of the Month Plan #1 if you are following along. We started with 2 sets of Cardio Challenge days 1&2 (up to 35 sec each) and then did a full round of… 79 more words


Awesome #EMOM & #tabata #pyramid routine with some easy #yoga to close

Thank god for motherfucking exercise, is all I’ve gotta say.

EMOM Round 1 With weighted vest. Went with 10lbs each hand for this round, which was too light. 562 more words


3 strategies to develop work capacity

A crucial principle in your physical development is progressive overload. Mark Rippetoe shares this story on Starting Strength, where somebody went out at midday for 3 months to take the sun for 5 minutes. 431 more words

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Tabata terror

When I really want to torture myself, I do things like waking up at 6am on a Saturday morning to run 20km.

Other times, I do this Tabata workout and basically collapse in to a heap afterwards. 108 more words

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It's been awhile...

Whoa, this week got away from me with keeping up my website. I apologize to those who have been waiting. The wait is over. Here is a workout that I completed today on my day of “rest”. 8 more words


Whata is Tabata?

Whata is Tabata?

Well, Tabata is a super fun word to say (yep, I’m smiling like Will Ferrell in ELF).  Tabata. Tabata. Tabata.  Say it three times fast, click your heels together, and voila, YOU’VE GOT A SUPER BANGIN’ BOD!!!!! 542 more words