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Tabata home workout number 1 - Abs

This Tabata workout is all about abs.  Trust me, your abs will hurt like hell but if you keep doing it, 2 to 4 times per week, you will see improvements. 349 more words


Calorie Burner: Tabata Workouts

Most of the time, we don’t have hours to set aside for fitness. Weight loss becomes a difficult and long process when it takes 30 minutes on a bike just to burn the amount of calories you consume in a small snack. 543 more words


The Magical 4 Minutes

The Magical 4 Minutes

Just shy of 3000 words, estimated reading time: about 3½ Tabata.

If you’re like me your main information pipeline for fitness-related matters is Google web search. 3,101 more words


180406 Friday

Tabata this:

  • Push ups
  • Flutter kicks
  • Superman’s

Rest 2 min

  • 30 x Partner push-ups
    (Facing each other clapping opposing hands every rep)
  • 26 more words

Exercise Circuits

Three of the four circuit targets different areas of the body. The fourth circuit works the whole body. During each circuit perform the prescribed number of reps (repetitions) for each exercise. 229 more words


WFH woot

I slept very badly last night—awake from 3:00 to 5:00. Fell back asleep sometime after 5 and slept deeply until 7:30. So I’m not feeling too bad, having had enough sleep in total, but I decided I couldn’t get ready in time to drive in with Hrodebert. 281 more words