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Jacked up Tabata Challenge

42  Manmakers 84 push-ups, 82 SA rows & 42 clean & press… & that was just one of the moves. I can feel my salary growing up already!!! 455 more words


Finding Time for Exercise

Many new moms are eager to “get in shape” after they have their baby. This can mean different things for different women. For some this may mean resuming their old workout regime. 1,161 more words

Crazy Core & Tabata Challenge

It’s good for me to comment on the YouTube vids b/c even if I don’t remember doing them, if I scroll down just a little & see my own comment.. 593 more words


Full Body HIIT, Weights, Plyo and XFit

It was going to be a yoga day, and I’ll miss my goal of 2 full practices for the week, but it’s that time of year when temperatures have dropped but we haven’t turned the heat on yet, and I literally have trouble staying warm. 530 more words


GET PUMPED for Fall #1

I’ve been anxious all day. I’d just had a week where it seemed like things could happen for me, and then fuck-all, nothing, like usual. Course there are some good things going on too, but the creative income front colors everything. 352 more words


Workout of the Day - Thursday 9/14/17


5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5


“The Beck Birthday Blast”

EMOM for 8 min of:

1 Plate Carry

Max Ball Slams… 27 more words


Tues - Full Body Supersets and Tabata HIIT from Scott Herman’s Death by Dumbbells

Looked at this workout awhile ago, but it never made it into the roster because 1) it’s really long in a Julia, beastly kind of way and 2) I’m doing yoga more regularly. 331 more words