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The late Easter Bonnet parade

Hi evfurry… well at the TCC Gracie is hosting a late Easter Bonnet Parade..

Click on the links above to see the post at the TCC and click on Gracie’s name to go meet her at her bloggie.. 236 more words


Writing 101, Assignment Six -- The Character Study...

(Believe it our not, this IS the most interesting person I’ve met in this past year!)

This cat and I are alike, retreat, retreat.  When I first saw her, she was sitting very still, sitting back, away from the entrance, the opening underneath my porch.  739 more words


Tabby in the Tub Tuesday!

I am a FIERCE and FEARLESS tabby, and I must guard Mama’s shower chair!  I will stand watch 24 hours a day, warding off shower chair thieves with my tough-guy stance and no-nonsense glare.   43 more words


Savory Treats: An Ode to Snack

When Mama shakes the bag of treats

I swear, my heart skips seven beats

Today is turkey!  Tomorrow fish!

No matter the flavor, they’re all DELISH… 28 more words


What the Hell is That: The New Red Friend

In the corner of my sunny room lurks a yellow beast.  He’s tall and plastic and long cords and hoses dangle from him.  Mom takes him out to clean up the mess when I accidentally knock down the ashtray on purpose.   342 more words



We have two rescued tabby cats that live with us. Toaster tries to steal my paint brushes or sneak a sip of water out of my paint buckets. 96 more words

Sunday Selfies in the kitchen

Hi evfurry..today i am showing my sultry selfie in the kitchen..and thankz to The Cat on my head for hosting this fun bloggie hop on Sunday..so click the picshure on my sidebars to pop over an visit.as WP doesn’t do linky thingies