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Team Tabby and...uh...a lemur?!

So, while I was sitting in my living room last night, relaxing and chilling with Team Tabby…

Little Bit

Little Bit

T-bone and Pearl

…my daughters Harmonie and Melodie were hundreds of miles away spending time with another tabby and his best friend…Ping Pong the Lemur. 34 more words

Sunday Selfie with Max

Hi Evfurry..today we are joining The Cat on my Head again with selfies..

Today we thought we would share Max..Max was a stray kitten that found himself arriving at a resort in Airlie Beach called the Coral Sea Resort. 259 more words


E.P.E's on a Funny Friday

Hi evfurry…i was wondering if any kitties out there have had the E.P.E’s lately..

Now you might ask “What the Cat is an E.P.E” ..well i bet YOU know and i bet your Peeps know ..you just have no name for it..MOL… 158 more words


My Muses -- The George Edition

Meet George, a nearly 6-year-old tabby cat who lives here with his sister Gertie. (You’ll meet her in a later post) I often recite to him words of the wise Abdominal Snowman: “I will hug him, and stroke him, and cuddle him, and sing to him, and call him George.” I am pretty sure he loves it.

Boo and Edgar

These sweet kitties own the hearts of the Sweeney-Etter family. Edgar, 9, is the black cat, named after … you guessed it … Edgar Allan Poe. 24 more words

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oWhile the term life insurance rates are very cheap, the rates under life insurance no exam are not really so. They are almost three times more than normal term life insurance rates. 347 more words