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A cat can't have his peace nowadays

I was totally owning MY bed…And my human has to ruin my peaceful slumber with the clicking sound of the camera. I wasn’t even pose-ready for this shot! Argh!

Tortie and Red

Tortie and Red- bonded pair’s Story…
Red and his sister Tortie are a very special bonded pair of kittens we rescued just before they were taken to the shelter. 131 more words


ASTRO: 2 years old, neutered male, domestic shorthair, 11 lbs.

Astro can thank his lucky stars, because after a car hit him, he made it out of the vet hospital in Springfield and found a temporary home with us. 79 more words


Take a break, human

Oh my busy bee human! Don’t you know it’s Sabbath today? You are not allowed to work, at least not if you have a cat that needs attention.

Bundle of fun!

Ryder is a 4 year old bundle of fun!

This handsome boy was saved from a pound in Westminster where he had been living in an outdoor shed with dirt floors since July of 2013 before he was saved to come to Angel Pet Rescue. 65 more words