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Cats are helpful...sometimes...

Caught red handed with a tissue under my paw. Now don’t judge me just yet. I wasn’t messing up the house. I could see how busy my human was. 53 more words

Not a fan of Tuesdays

If I shut my eyes tight. Do you think I can sleep away Tuesday real quick? On another note, my human really ought to look into making her dresser bigger. 28 more words

Sniff, sniff

Ah! Box! Let me check to see if I can fit in this cozy enclosure.

Hmmm…this box smells of human food. I need to take a closer look.

No one takes my spot on the bed!

This elephant is taking my spot. Doesn’t he know the center of the bed belongs to me on weekends? Let me give him a shove… 7 more words

Caturday sleep in

What good morning? I am just going to rearrange my sleeping position.
Now that’s more like it. I am going to enjoy my weekend snooze with my human watching over me. Purrrr…

Everyone loves bunnies!

Nice easy blog today because I’m struggling with some lovely bipolar symptoms. Some photos from play time with Tristan :)