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TGIF surprise for her

While she was sound asleep last night, I pulled out a pail in the bathroom. Then, this morning after food, I quietly sneaked into the bathroom to wait for her. 56 more words

Mesh importance

I want to say I really appreciate my human for providing a safe environment for me to do bird watching. In our country, most people stay in high rise flats. 67 more words

Midweek laziness

My human complained that I woke her up too early for food. Wait till she sees me lazing away a weekday morning like this…teehee…

Sometimes, I just like to rub it in for her. 13 more words

When Animals Have a Special Bond

When Romeo (ginger tabby) was brought in to the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility in Chula Vista, CA he became sick & despite all of their efforts nothing worked. 79 more words


A special cats day for my human

My human felt that I needed a companion. She went to view two special cats. Both are about the same age as me, 8 years old. 53 more words

Gifts for me

My human came home with gifts for me. A new toy and a packet of treats. She told me they were from my rescuer. Awww…they still thought of me. 😻

Sunday read

Hmm…let’s see…what shall I pick for my human to read to me?Maybe something from the next shelf…Oh I know! Let’s read some poems! 12 more words