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Flavored water

I had no idea why my human keeps putting out a dish of clean water everyday. She did mentioned it was for me, but I had shown her that I wasn’t interested. 8 more words

1st Post

Meet Dunkin, our 5 mo old rescue kitty 🐾

👋🏻 I was feeling very motivated this morning to create a blog about some of my favorite things: animals, family, nature, and of course DIY Pinterest projects. 50 more words

Work place should allow pets

I am putting on my best forlorn look to deter her from going to work. I know she has to earn to feed me, but… 13 more words

Penny the Cat...

Oh, Penny the Cat is heavily shedding! Also, she is being most affectionate. Results? Covered in cat hair and my allergies inflamed! But, I love her up anyway….


Second of May - holiday in lieu

I am feeling the laziness of Monday even though I slept early last night. My human caught me yawning while I was trying to catch the mouse. 9 more words