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Purrsday Poetry: Haiku for Thor the Tabby by Grayson

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Please find below the latest entry in Purrsday Poetry by Grayson.

The hoods of warm cars.

Enjoying life’s small pleasures-

The tabby cat, Thor. 44 more words


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Very Nice

With four simple moves

First, I was upside down facing my human.
Then, I flipped back up to be under her arm.

While she was still sound asleep, I moved to face her. 44 more words


Sitting beside the table, in between my human and my buddy who were having their dinner, I heard this from my human to my buddy, “having had five dogs and three cats since I was little, I realize that dogs are smart and perceptive, while cats are wise and intuitive.” 33 more words

Minor damage here

“A cute expression and a purr, and the latest shredding incident is forgiven.”

Need I say more? =P