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This is how I play on a hot day 

​​There will be no chasing around the house. My back has to be on the cool floor.

A few minutes of play will suffice. I am not going to work up a sweat today.

Chasing sun rays

It was 4pm. The sun was setting and the cast of gleam over my perch looked so inviting. I couldn’t resist basking in its fading warmth. 57 more words

Make me hunt

​​I love play time, every time! 

All that chasing and pouncing never fail to give me a good night’s sleep. And that’s what my human needs me to do too. 14 more words

Adding on assets

Hmmm….very intriguing spot in here. Every morning, I see my human open this door.

It’s kind of cozy in here too. And this niche seems just nice for me! 23 more words


Hazard is not like other cats he is different in many ways.

  1. Hazard likes to get his head wet.
  2. Hazard’s favorite food is thinly sliced cucumbers.
  3. 35 more words