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her hands, my comfort 

“Let it heal you. Lie beside a man who’s hands you trust”- Clementine Von Radics

This is my way of showing her that I trust her… 13 more words


All sleep and no play, makes Zeke a dull cat. Play is such an integral part of a cat’s life. Ask any cat, they will tell you so. 279 more words

impactful reminders

They say live life without regrets. I think some regrets are worth having. They serve as good reminders.

the lure of height 

I am not supposed to be up on the washing machine. Just like, I am not supposed to be up on the kitchen counter.
But, I just couldn’t help it. 48 more words

Split second

Sunday wouldn’t be complete without some new toys. <=

I am spoilt. =P

I was happily exploring my new toys when suddenly a deafening sound came from above us. 77 more words


That’s us catching a power nap, waiting for the grilled fish to be done, when suddenly a horrifying, glass shattering, out-of-tune high note could be heard coming from the neighbor’s house. 282 more words