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Tabby Tuesday


This is me playing with my Jackson Galaxy Bug that my Secret Santa (SPITTY THE KITTY) sent me!

Thanks Mr Spitty!

Tabby recruiting for her guild! 1.22.18

Tabby, the guildmaster of the Paw Pad Squadron is ready to recruit young and energetic adventurers into her guild! Don’t miss your chance!


“Things I’ve said to my cat”, Vol. 1

• “Can you please stop knocking my things over, it’s rude.”

• “What is the matter with you?!”

• “This is why your middle name is Lucifer.” 56 more words


"What did Viktor do today?", Episode 1

1. Figured out how to unzip my makeup bag and take things out of it with absolutely no remorse.

2. Jumped up on top of the kitchen cabinets and pushed my fake plant onto the floor, watching with satisfaction as it fell. 135 more words


Oh hello there!

How did I end up here, you ask? Well, I will tell you right meow…

It was recently said to me that I should start a blog so that I can share the occasionally infuriating, but mostly humorous antics and adventures of my cat, Viktor. 196 more words


Feline Friends

Say hello to the furry felines that are my fur-children! Primrose (brown) and Felix (black and white) they are a big part of our family. 459 more words



Snuggle, kitty cat

snuggles are free

better to be indoors

than stuck in a tree

stay indoors

where it is safe

where feral cat’s

can’t get you… 29 more words