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Maud+Cards Summer Series: A Better Tabby

I am a better tabby is what Maud thought when she spied this card.  Maud is rarely conceited and even more rarely threatened by another feline, but July does just things to a cat. 86 more words


My first writing assignment

I saw my human busy scribbling away and I thought should give her a hand. She needed a break from all that studying. And I needed to learn a new skill to keep myself occupied in days she is out at work. 10 more words

Tabby Brothers

Are you a cat person? As a cat person, we understand that we love our cats so much even though they are troublemakers. They always disturb you while you are watching TV or playing computer. 474 more words

Little moments of bliss

When my human wore black and couldn’t care less that my fur would be all over her clothes. She hugged me anyways. Purrrrr…..

Puss in Boots and Button Bin Digging

So yesterday I was kitting up all kits for the workshop I am getting ready for.  I am helping a group of ladies make an… 1,199 more words