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Toddler Stage – The Tabernacle

Moving along our storyline from the Infancy Stage – the Tower of Babel, the group of people were now scattered from Babel to all over the earth. 450 more words

Life Purpose

"Curtains, I don't want to carry curtains!" (Numbers 3-4)

Wednesday, August 31

At the Lord’s command through Moses, each was assigned his work and told what to carry. Numbers 4:49


By Rebecca Dauksas

Being a child of God and a follower of Christ is the most incredible privilege in the world.  355 more words



The inventory of the materials to be used was taken. The tabernacle was made according to God’s design. The tabernacle was built for God so that He may dwell among them. 471 more words

For Christians

The Temple and the Tabernacle

Tim Challies:

If you are a committed reader, you know what it’s like when you get swept away by a book—where hours pass in what feels like minutes. 1,026 more words


Day 25: Do it All for God

It seems like God has a tendency of appearing to His people and just telling them what to do. Not that it’s a bad thing or something to not desire but it’s just great what you learn and what details you pick up on when reading the bible. 157 more words

Will the real Tabernacle of Moses please stand up

You are probably familiar with drawings and even full-scale models (seen above on the left) displaying the Tabernacle of Moses.

When Moses was given the instructions for the Tabernacle, most envisioned it as a small rectangular tent constructed to house the Ark of the Covenant ( 637 more words


Moving the ark

After David had overcome his enemies and become king of Israel, he decided to  bring the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem.

David consulted with the commanders of thousands and of hundreds, with every leader.

1,474 more words
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