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ScriptureDaily Bible Reading Podcast May 3, 2015

Numbers 7-8

Moses had completed the tabernacle, and the chiefs of the tribes made their offerings to the Lord. On each day a chief made his offerings. 67 more words

ScriptureDaily Bible Reading

Exodus 37-40: Tabernacle and sacred clothing

Bezalel and Oholiab construct the tabernacle and its surrounding encampment to the exact specifications in Exodus 25-27.  Those specifications are repeated here.  They construct the ark of the covenant, the lampstand, the table with the showbread and utensils, the incense altar, the sacrificial altar, and the bronze laver.  105 more words


DaFruits of Seeing God Face to Face. ❤️ 

I thank God for bringing us into this new season.

I thank God for letting us see this new season.

I thank God for deliverance. 1,553 more words

Offerings and Articles for the Tabernacle (Exodus 35:4 - 19)

Moses had the instructions for the construction of the tabernacle, and now instructs the people of Israel to give offerings willingly to supply the items needed for its construction.  229 more words

Biblical Reflections

God With Us

When we reflect on the Word wherein It teaches us about the order of God’s creative work and the order of the creative work of the Nation of Israel in the making of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, we can take notice that God’s emphasis is on the… 329 more words

Had any Directions from God lately?

Exodus 25:  God gives Moses directions for the Tabernacle

Lessons for Living Today:

God’s directions are always for the good of humanity.  In this chapter God instruct Moses on how to go about building a Tabernacle where His presence would dwell to interact with the people.  347 more words

You, Before the Altar

Opening my eyes
And lifting my head
From my prayer,
My eyes fell upon you,
My friend.

Your steady gaze
Fixed on the naked Savior, 134 more words