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Parashah Bemidbar (In the Wilderness) Numbers 1 - 4:20

This is the 4th book of the Torah, and whereas Vayikra was mostly ordinances and regulations, this book is more historical, although we do have the laws about wearing tzitzit, the regulations regarding jealousy, the Red Heifer, the menorah and Nazarite vows. 818 more words



At one point Moses took the tabernacle and pitched it far outside the camp. As the people watched from a distance they saw Moses enter into the tabernacle where the LORD talked with him. 29 more words


Gold, bronze and cedar for the Temple and palace

Solomon builds himself a new palace and furnishes the Temple with the work of master craftsman Huram: 1 Kings 7:1–51; 2 Chronicles 3:15–4:22

Solomon was extraordinarily wealthy, somehow managing to build and furnish a lavish Temple and palace without using any of the gifts his father, King David, had dedicated for that purpose: 161 more words

2 Chronicles

The Architecture of My Heart

I cannot number how many glorious and ancient cathedrals across Europe that I have had the privilege of visiting. Absolute masterpieces of design and architecture. Of seeing the tall spires, the soaring vaulted ceilings and intricate stained glass windows. 240 more words


Multiply: God's Presence on Earth

So, a couple days “late” again this week, but no worries, we press on.  This week we are in Part IV: Session 7: God’s Presence on Earth. 1,635 more words

Bible Study

What is a Sacrifice?

Exodus 38:  More directions for building articles for the Tabernacle.

Lessons for Living Today:

For many centuries women have used mirrors.  During the Exodus years mirrors were made of highly polished bronze.  368 more words

The Secret Plan for the Destruction of the Catholic Church

A French priest who renounced his membership of the Freemasons, announced this Masonic plan that he followed when he was a member of the sect. Directives of the Grand Master of the Freemasons to the Mason Catholic Bishops, effective 1962. 2,502 more words