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Painting the table and chairs

I have given the table and chairs a couple of layers of paint in order to ensure that they care completely white. Some parts were difficult to access with a roller and I had to use a brush. 42 more words


Constructing  table and Chairs

I have put up the IKEA table and chairs with help from my friend, Irene, following the instructions.

It was much easier to construct than I had imagined. 65 more words


Buying a Table and Chair for Exhibition

Today I ordered an IKEA table and chairs from Amazon to use to display my final magazine, toys and equipment, e.g. crayons, etc. The table and chairs are simple, but I like the minimalist feel of them as this is something which I want to achieve in my final exhibition display. 162 more words


Tutorial with Myfanwy

Today I have had a tutorial with Myfanwy to help me make final decisions about my work, how to display it and extra things that I should include in my magazine. 313 more words


Diagrammatic Drawings

To decide on how my final piece should be presented I have created some diagrammatic drawings. Despite initially considering including video work as well, I have decided to keep my work minimalistic in that I don’t want to overcomplicated it and take away from the focus of the magazine. 196 more words


Toddler Table and Chairs Hack

When Noah was at the age where he could sit up and take part in some arts and crafts, I was on the search for a toddler table and chair.   368 more words

Boy's Room

Dining Room Table

White & Blue dining room table with 4 chairs and drop down leafs.