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Food for thought - First Served First Eat

Have you been in an awkward situation in a restaurant in Japan where you are served your meal first while no one else’s food arrives at the same time? 677 more words


皇室餐桌禮儀兼學西班牙語 (Colocación de la mesa)


這篇文章就講解有關皇室飯局餐桌禮儀的文章 (Colocación de la mesa),當中也有普通的餐桌禮儀及用餐時的擺設 (Table setting)。


每位賓客都有名牌 (tarjeta) 。

傳統的擺設由外至內使用,左邊放麵包碟 (Plato para pan) ,上面會有把牛油刀 (cuchillo de pan) ;右面多是放飲品,酒杯等,要視乎有多少酒類和款式,如有3款酒,就會有3隻杯,而且不同的酒會放不同的杯子,這裡只談酒的分類 : 紅酒 (vino tinto) 、白酒(vino blanco)和氣泡酒 (espumosos)  ,copa 即是杯子,copa de agua 是水杯,這很重要吃飯當然要喝水,不過在此講講西班牙人不會喝熱水 (agua caliente) 是很不普遍的。吃甜品時,咖啡杯會放酒杯旁 (plato y taza de café) 。 33 more words

Spanish Kitchen

Table manners in Japan

Knowing the local table manners will save yourself from embarrassment and make others feel comfortable while dining with you. There is no exception for that even in Japan. 822 more words


Spend 5 minutes and Stay Classy

As always is the case, many etiquette considerations are necessary when dining in China. In this post, let’s take a look at some of their key table manners. 207 more words

Basic Chinese table manners

I will go to Chinese restaurant coming weekend with my friends, and one of my friends is from China. It will be good to know about basic Chinese table manners. 49 more words