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How to eat - ① Samgyeopsal (Korean barbecue)

Korean barbecue is one of Korean people’s most favorite dishes! But there’s a special way that Koreans usually eat barbecue. If you come to Korea, you should definitely try it in the Korean way, … 511 more words


Background of Chinese Food History

The dishes are always affected by concepts of people. Chinese people concern about the unity of nature and human.

In Chinese history, because of the strict hierarchies and monarchy system, people tried their best to create many delicate dishes to satisfy the royal household. 374 more words

Seating Ten For Dinner

A table manners friend asks,

“Dear Addy, we are having four couples over for dinner next month, and including us that makes dinner for ten. I am organizing it from top to bottom, and am having quite a bit of fun with it. 283 more words

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Clinking Away Evil Spirits!

A table manners friend asks,

“Dear Adelaide, I have been having a discussion with a friend about the reason one clinks their glass after a toast and before drinking.” 116 more words

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Etika Makan

Table Manners memiliki pengertian etika makan. Sedangkan menurut arti secara general Table Manner adalah aturan yang harus dilakukan saat bersantap bersama di meja makan. hal ini Pertama kali diperkenalkan oleh bangsa Eropa,dengan mengikuti aturan dan tata cara makan bangsawan Inggris. 82 more words

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