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Saw mitre fence

There are grooves in the aluminum bar that should accept a hex head bolt, I would need to cut a pair to fit into the fence.


Prequel To A Homemade Table Saw - Early Attempts

So after watching many YouTube videos and looking at lots of homemade table saws of different designs made by others, I decided to use some old pieces of particle board from a built-in wardrobe I’d dismantled to build a table saw from my circular saw. 269 more words


Three inch rip

This used table saw is definitely an improvement. However, it lacks sled grooves and a riving knife. I miss the sled grooves already. I think i should make a sled based on the fence.


The Tachometer Inside Your Smartphone

It’s the latest in instrumentation for the well-appointed shop — an acoustically coupled fast Fourier transform tachometer. Sounds expensive, but it’s really just using a smartphone spectrum analyzer app to indirectly measure tool speeds… 206 more words

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