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[Lego Table]: Part 6

Accomplished a fair amount today. Before I got to work, I dusted off the base and the legs one final time and then primed the legs… 643 more words


[Lego Table]: Part 5

Today I cut up the main play area surface (MDF). I knew I wanted to prime the base, so figured I’d cut the MDF first and get the fine dust mostly out of the air before priming. 597 more words


Wood too short for your thickness planer?

This project brought up an interesting issue, how to run a short piece of wood through the thickness planner. The minimum length requirement of my DeWalt planner is 12 inches. 384 more words


Sledge Upgrade Guard & Inserts / Aluminium Metal Cutting Test

00:04 Cutting acrylic to make a guard for cross cutting sledge.
01:27 I marked the acrylic.
01:49 Drilling holes through guard. I used a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water as a cutting lubricant. 98 more words

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Making A Riving Knife for Table Saw To Increase Blade Size

If you follow my other channel Educating Savvas, you will know that I am planning to re-build my CNC machine.  But before I buy more aluminium profile I want to be sure that it can be cut. 222 more words

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Hobby Bench, Part 2

I continue to work on my hobby bench project found in Woodsmith Magazine.  I make some tenons and mortises for assembling the leg parts using the table saw, drill press, and hand chisels.  7 more words

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don't worry... I'm OK!

If you keep up with my post you’d know that I had a past incident where, when cutting  a piece of zebra wood on my table saw, the saw blade released tension in the wood and caused it to clamp down on my saw blade – quite an eye opener when it happened.  584 more words

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