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Research Point: Gregory Crewdson

Continuing our look at ‘setting the scene’ we are asked to watch a short video about Gregory Crewdson and his work and consider four questions. 930 more words

Research And Reflection

Visual analytics bringing business insights in real time

As human beings, we constantly receive information about the world around us. The amount of sunlight hitting your eye, the level of ambient noise in your current location—these are all data points that tell you something about the current state of the world. 555 more words

Cloud BI / Cloud Analytics - The new kid on the block

Cloud BI (or Cloud Analytics) seems to be popping up a lot lately.

What is Cloud BI?

Cloud BI is an application that allows data analysis and the ability to access this anywhere via a web browser. 1,436 more words


Data science is still white hot, but nothing lasts forever

Every day tech industry execs bemoan the lack of data scientists—the people who theoretically know how to look at the data your company generates, and delve into it to derive the all-important insights we keep hearing about. 618 more words