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Different graphs and upload time

As I was uploading new data from an excel file I have, noticed the upload time to the Tableau server varied, I uploaded a simple side-by-side bar graph (which I will include in this blog) and it took approximately 13 seconds to upload unto the Tableau server, where a day ago I uploaded data of a fictional client list that contained clients name, address, phone number, and their age, the upload time for that was around 40 seconds for it to be uploaded to the Tableau server. 166 more words

Rows, columns, colors and everything nice

As I have been expanding my tableau knowledge it has become even more simple to transfer my data onto the Tableau server. Now as noted in my previous blog I was having issues due to the fact that Tableau was having issues with OS Yosemite 10.10.3 program which I am currently using, but it has been fixed since then and it has been working magnificently! 72 more words

'Babies' Revisited

I found a perfect call for entries for my series, Babies, on Monday. The only catch was that it’s a black and white only publication. 29 more words



Nostalgia: A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

Longing: A strong, persistent yearning or desire, especially one that cannot be fulfilled. 41 more words


Whirring Room

The air conditioning is out. But even if it wasn’t it wouldn’t matter. The heat and humidity seep through the walls. Their little black tentacles swirling and twirling through every little crevice. 59 more words


Art Talk and Stage Picture - Media Literacy (Advertising Techniques)

Topic:  Media Literacy (Advertising Techniques) 
CLI Strategy: Stage Picture, Art Talk  
Subject: ELA 
Grade: Middle School 

Students will be able to: Analyze and create images to identify advertising techniques in the media.  229 more words


Greg Holden - "Boys in the Street"

This track has been making some waves with it’s strong heart-string pulling narrative about sexual orientation, father-son conflict and reconciliation. The video for its part is marvelously simple, utilizing a series of tableaux with mannequins to beautifully illustrate the story and a single shot of Holden on a couch with a slow push in, followed by a pull out as the song ends. 21 more words

Music Video