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What is Humalytica?

The Question

Recently, a group of analysts were asked this question: “In your opinion, if you had to pick only one, what is the best analytics tool in the marketplace? 698 more words


Rounding Calculations in Tableau (and Excel and Alteryx)

I was doing some table calculations in Tableau and needed complete control over the rounding that was used. Tableau provides a single ROUND function. The exact specification of this (I believe) depends on the data source you are connected too, as it passes through to the underlying server. 1,136 more words


Tableau: Visualise a single measure in a doughnut chart (with conditional coloring)

This post describes how to build a doughnut-chart with Tableau based on a calculated percentage (single measure). The first part of this post is showing you how to do this without conditional coloring, while the second part shows you a slightly different approach to enable some conditional coloring in the doughnut. 440 more words

Conditional Coloring

life saver to the rescue!!

Tableau never seems to NOT impress me as you’re working on visualization and you are updating your data, but something seems off but you can quiet put your cute little finger on what it is that you’re missing Tableau offers a nice little feature that is called “Data interpreter” which tells you what it is that you are doing wrong, I feel this feature comes in handy because sometimes we are short on time trying to get a visualization up and we miss little things that just doesn’t let the data merge correctly together, and luckily for us Tableau wont leave you out in the dark it ill let you know “hey!!! 20 more words

Cloud Analytics: What’s Driving Growth?

Cloud-based business intelligence, data visualization and analytics options are gaining momentum as the center of data gravity shifts along with apps and services. But be prepared for a hybrid world. 590 more words


ch02.Tableau 제품군 리뷰와 Public 설치

본격적인 Tableau 활용에 앞서 Tableau의 제품군 리뷰와 설치방법 부터 차근차근 다루고자 합니다. 저도 처음에 Tableau를 접할때 생각보다 다양한? 제품군에 무엇을 써야할지 당황했었습니다.  그래서 먼저 대략적인 제품군 리뷰를 하고자 합니다. 79 more words

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The little "not" so little things in Tableau..

I have been playing around with dashboards in tableau to get the feel of them and have been making visualizations, and have found out that even if you make a simple little viz on Tableau , it already has awesome interaction features with out needing to add any extra stuff which is great but I have noticed that “Tableau actions” can be a bit intimidating at times for the fact that it offers so many things you can apply to your data. 129 more words