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Tableau Dashboard- MySQL & AdWords

Now use the power of Tableau to find business insights for AdWords data. With this implement you can forget the days of manually uploading .csv files into Tableau Software to perform data analysis. 640 more words

Digital Marketing

Questions in dataviz - introduction

“You should do a blog”, they said.

The blog will be about data visualisation – to do with my skills, experiences and nuggets of wisdom, most specifically in using Tableau. 340 more words

The One with the Tableau Data Extract Plugin

Use Pentaho and Jenkins to automatically create and refresh Tableau Data Extracts! Jenkins can execute the Pentaho job, copy the TDE to the Tableau Server, then kick off the tabcmd to publish the TDE to the Tableau Server. 44 more words


The One with the Server Disk Space

Build a server monitoring dashboard with Pentaho & Tableau!

Using Pentaho Data Integration Community Edition + Tableau, you can create your own server monitoring tools. This transformation checks the disk space usage on 6 Linux servers, parses the results, emails me when the free disk space goes over 90%, and loads the data into a database for Tableau to access. 34 more words


#FastFriday - 6 Minute Vizzes - 1st Episode

Welcome to the first in the #FastFriday series.

For context, this is a weekly challenge that Ben Moss, Ravi Mistry and myself will be participating in. 647 more words

Data Viz

Day 3 - Such Tool

I got lucky with the train this morning but still couldn’t wake up properly. So I had Starbucks iced coffee for the first time and got pumped until afternoon. 904 more words


Movie a Day Source

Before I built the Tableau version of the dashboard, I started with a Google Sheets version. I wanted to find what was most interesting. At first I thought my daily watching habits would be interesting, but there was no noticeable trend. 82 more words