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Crocheting for home

We moved to our current apartment last September. The flat is fully furnished so I can only focus on details and try to add a bit of my own touch decorating it. 517 more words

Bavarian Stitch

The crochet red tablecloth for christmas table - free pattern

I love crochet tablecloths. I don’t care it takes ages to finish one. It’s my second tablecloth. Thanks to the first one I learned few useful rules, which I will be happy to share with you. 107 more words


Just a quick thought

We have a tablecloth on our table because our new chairs are wooden and don’t match our steel and glass table. So it hides it well. 114 more words


Project Summer

Summer is finally here so all those pins on Pinterest are ripe for the plucking.

First up – what to do with a couple of metres of Ikea fabric?

 Tablecloth – Bingo!


OLD TABLE - hidden scars

You can take any old table with a not so perfect top and camouflage the scars by painting through a lace cloth. Prime the top with white paint…add the lace… spray over with any color of choice…remove the lace…seal…instant new look. Add chairs to match.


Star tablecloth

Lagi beberes lemari, tetiba menemukan inih… Taplak meja yang kalo ga salah tak bikin tahun 2012 sebelum pindahan rumah. Warnanya udah pudar karena keseringan di cuci…tapi alhamdulilah gak luntur , dan masih bagus rajutannya. 38 more words


A Tablecloth to Die For

A Tablecloth to Die For

Now that we’ve put together a few recipes, let’s start focusing on how you’re going to serve them to your guests.   1,781 more words

Devil's Kitchen