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Carjacker Gets Held At Gun Point Until The Cops Arrive By Victim [VIDEO]

When this man tried to carjack another guy, the victim wasn’t taking it and he held the carjacker at gunpoint until the cops got there! See the raw video… 68 more words


reckless (MLM Haiku-Ha social issues)

(12.3-social issues)

all my milkweed has
gone to seed…company
for the wind

the breadth of ones sins; too wide
stoning – sympathy sidelined

until the tables turned… 92 more words


Kitty go bye-bye

Taking that cranky old cat to the vet today, are you? Good! She’s been jumpy and skittish and growly for a couple of days now. (I simply can’t… 70 more words

Naughty Loki

Twilight Zone - The Obsolete Man

Twilight Zone-The Obsolete Man…..wow..this one was really good. Not going to give it away. But many time people in power don’t make changes unless it involves themselves.

Creative Arts

Day 16: J's Uncommon Migraines

Yep, my partner and caregiver gets migraines too. He got one yesterday. He’s one of those people who can’t take imitrex, because it makes his chest hurt. 120 more words

Chronic Migraine