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My Brother GC Gets A Subdermal Implant?

I had a dream that took place at my parent’s house and my brother GC showed me what I think was a large subdermal implant… 1,515 more words

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Here are the five things I learned installing a smart mirror

I recently received a review division of the Embrace Smart Mirror. It’s essentially a 24 -inch Android tablet mounted behind a approximately 40 -inch mirror. It works well when third-party software is installed. 883 more words


Ender Wiggin Versus My Former Classmate AK | My Aunt ME Versus My Former Classmate AR In A Street Fight?

Once again I have to rush to type a post, and once again I remembered these dreams using some of Lost Truth’s advice that she gave on her post  1,184 more words

Dream Journal

That Smug Feeling…

I’m finally on holiday. And ended up with the typical teacher response to a week off. I promptly fell ill. Woke up this morning with a streaming nose, earache and a difficulty swallowing R…

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Gorgeous, Modern Console Table


Another big sale item on Amazon! I’ve had my eyes on this for years and this one was on sale for 27% off the normal price, so I snagged this up. 313 more words


How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10

I have always tried to be very minimal with how I work. I have never seen the need multiple devices to accomplish my goals, both in work and leisure. 562 more words