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Barnes & Noble Nook HD 7 Battery BNA-B0002 AVPB003-A110-01

Part Number: DR-NK05
Type: Li-Polymer
Capacity: 4000mAh
Replace Code:BNA-B0002, AVPB003-A110-01
Compatible with the following tablets:
* Barnes & Noble BNRV400, BNTV400, NOOK HD 7

Tablet PC

Apple vs. Microsoft - a timeline of tablets

I know this is late, and I should have done this long ago, when this controversy was still going on and this meme was still circulating, but I didn’t have a WordPress blog then, so whatever.


Jide Remix SK1-W, Tablet PC Murah dengan Remix OS

Halo Semua. Apa Kabar? . ada kabar baru lagi nih dari Tablet PC Yang tampilannya keren dan menggunakan Sistem Remix OS. Ya Tablet PC satu ini adalah Jide Remix SK1-W. 199 more words

How To Pair A Bluetooth Mouse With A Windows 8.1 Tablet PC

As I’ve mentioned in this post, I bought a bluetooth mouse off Lazada. I also wrote I did question whether or not Lazada’s customer representatives had enough training to be able to tell the difference between a bluetooth mouse that has a physical Connect button and one that doesn’t have it, that is, one that can only be paired with pairing keys or pairing codes. 231 more words


Do I need a laptop?

Whilst writing one of my earlier posts, the question of relevance of laptops came into frame for me. I remember the days when we were thrilled at work to receive a new desktop PC that did not take two days to load even the most basic software, like “word processor”. 649 more words


The tablet debate...

Over recent months, the question of “do you really need a tablet?” has been emerging more and more.

Open disclosure here, I am the owner both of varying types of tablet (for work and play) but also the Nexus 6P from Huawei that is definitely in the Phablet category. 613 more words