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Sore throat

Had a tiny sore throat that turned into a slightly sorer throat after waking up. Must be the change of the temperature since I feel fine otherwise.


Overheating Samsung Tablet Blamed For Delta Flight Diversion

A Delta Air Lines flight was diverted over the weekend when a Samsung device overheated after being jammed between seats. But the device wasn’t the… 424 more words

Google might release a new laptop and tablet that run on a completely new operating system

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Google is working on a new laptop that runs on a new “Andromeda” operating system, which will merge aspects of Chrome OS into Android, … 498 more words


Use your old device as... whatever you want!

So you happen to have an android device (phone, tablet or whatever) which you don’t use anymore, because maybe you bought a new one, but you still don’t want to get rid of it? 585 more words

Old Device

Putting the Phone Down

How many of you have problems putting your phone down? I know I did. For a while, I had to have it on me at all times. 195 more words



Maybe I was just a weak little kid but the NERF manta ray shield gun was very hard to cock back.



This is a tough time of the year, everyone is trying to just make it to the end of the year and start fresh in January but THIS IS THE TIME we can prove doubters wrong! 37 more words