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Digital Painting

I ordered a Wacom Intuous tablet to start learning digital art. I know a bit about Photoshop, GIMP, Corel etc. but drawing with a mouse is no bueno. 63 more words


Microsoft's Surface Book i7 offers twice the graphics power

Were you worried that Microsoft would leave the Surface Book untouched during its Windows 10 event? You can set your mind at ease. Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Book i7, a refresh that focuses on pure power. 151 more words


Microsoft passes on updating the Surface Pro

Microsoft announced a flurry of hardware at its Surface event, but there was one very conspicuous omission: a new Surface Pro tablet. For the first time in a long while, a year will come and go without an updated version of Microsoft’s most iconic computer. 175 more words


The Future is Bright

Have you seen those memes that mock modern life and technology? You know, the caricatures of people herding like cattle as they stare dead at their mobiles…the illustrations of onlookers using their smartphones to record a drowning man instead of helping…that sort of thing. 165 more words

Black Mirror

Astropad vs Duet Pro: Two Cintiq challengers

If you’ve wanted to use a mobile tablet as a graphics input device for your computer, like a Wacom Cintiq tablet, for a long time  537 more words

Apple Hardware

North Springs goes digital

Learning at North Springs has never been more technologically advanced than it is this year. The most recent addition to the school’s learning system, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, provide students with new studying-based resources that were not accessible in the past. 382 more words