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Body mush

Getting towards the end of Bloodborne and just fighting gross piles of people with a wiggly foot.


Helen Wheels

For the last couple of weeks, my modem has been attempting to die. Yesterday (2/23/17) it drove one mile closer toward the electronic junk yard. Tuesday night she will be replaced.  88 more words

My View Of The World

Graphics Tablet: Natalie Dormer

So now i’m getting slightly more comfortable using the tablet, im trying a few different styles and techniques. I know the eye looks a bit weird, the railing was rushed in and there’s a few shading issues, but I don’t think it’s a bad attempt for my 4th ever drawing using a tablet! 45 more words


Great Music Streaming Apps for iOS and Android

Streaming music is the thing these days. As our data allowances have expanded, and our laptops have grown enough RAM to let us play in the background, the need for physical disks has diminished. 908 more words


How to back up your data on iTunes and iCloud

It’s one of the worst things about owning modern technology, that moment where you realise you haven’t backed up your files and your stomach drops. We’ve all done it at some point, a device has crashed or you’ve deleted things accidentally and there goes those all-important work documents, private messages or baby pictures. 641 more words


The Year of The Budget Phone?

The company behind one of the greatest budget smartphones will be releasing their 2017 edition soon and I’ve been thinking about what to expect. I recently read an article talking about the… 436 more words


Nintendo Switch impressions: Out of the box and into our hands

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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Hands-on with Nintendo Switch: Jack of all trades, master of someWe’ve had the Nintendo Switch here in Ars’ orbiting HQ for a few days now, and while we’re still working on a more thorough review ahead of launch, we’re now able to share some initial impressions of the final retail system to… 1,182 more words