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Vanguard Diary 1 - Introduction

This is the first post in what will become a series of articles chronicling my journey into the world of Kings of War Vanguard, 1,173 more words

Tabletop Games

5 Games to (Hopefully) Demo at Gen Con Part 2

Last week Wednesday, I discussed the first five games I am hoping to demo at Gen Con. Today I will be discussing five more games that have caught my eye, and next week I will share my final five games. 713 more words

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Tabletop Tuesday - Lockup: A Roll Player Tale

Euro-fantasy games may be popular, but they can be a little old hat sometimes. That’s why I enjoy it when a game takes the genre and adds a new perspective or approach. 1,479 more words


My Top 10: Tabletop Gaming Channels

YouTube is a fantastic resource when it comes to tabletop gaming.

There’s a huge number of game reviewers, previewers, Let’s Players and other content creators out there and I wanted to bring together a list of my favourites. 1,459 more words

Tabletop Games

#452 - Hyakke-Yagyo

Base price: $30.
2 – 4 players.
Play time: 15 – 30 minutes.
BGG | Board Game Atlas

Buy via Big Cat Games!
Logged plays: 4 
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#451 - Curios

Base price: $25.
2 – 5 players.
Play time: ~15 minutes.
BGG | Board Game Atlas
Logged plays: 6 

Full disclosure: A review copy of Curios was provided by Alderac Entertainment Group. 2,210 more words