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Kickstarter Corner - Animalchemists

Hello and welcome to this slightly delayed edition of Kickstarter Corner. This is a weekly feature where I discuss a current Kickstarter project that has caught my eye. 739 more words

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A Look at Warmachine and Hordes Themed Forces Part 3: Trolls and Rocks and Nightmares, Oh My!

I’ve always wanted a Warmachine or Hordes army. I actually have a fair few miniatures from this range and have played a handful of small games, but I’ve never really put together a coherent army. 1,478 more words


Takeout Review

Takeout, from Small Monsters Games, is a set-collecting card game where you are trying to create the most complete Chinese meal before your friends do. 472 more words


Breaking The Stigma (and Kickstarter) - Bipolar Explorer

Kickstarter has become a major component in the tabletop gaming world over the past few years. This year, Kickstarter challenged creators to do something different and break the traditional Kickstarter formula. 1,019 more words

Board Games

A Growing Art Form Needs Plenty to Chew On

If you follow video game commentary you’ll notice a comparison pop up once in a while that’s starting to become cliche: the growth of the video game industry is comparable to that of film. 767 more words


Making your car look like a heap: simple painting guide

Put together some straight forward painting instructions for a mate I’m seducing in to the game.

They are really straight forward…and not perfect! However, having watched dozens of how-to videos, I had to put together a simple guide to make it easier for myself to follow. 133 more words


More AD&D Gaming Thoughts from Daniel J. Davis

The episode of Geek Gab that Jeffro Johnson and I were on talking about the implied setting of AD&D has sparked some incredibly thought-provoking posts from author Daniel J. 53 more words