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From Austria to America

We have an exchange student from Austria living with us for a month. She arrived two days ago, and she couldn’t be more polite and helpful and easily engaged in conversation. 186 more words


My GoGifts Christmas Shopping List - Part 1

The season of Christmas is just around the corner and I like to get the gifts out of the way right at the start. That way I can focus on baking, partying and celebrating. 257 more words


I Bought Some Soul

They say you can’t buy love, so I am pretty sure you can’t buy soul. They say money won’t make you happy, so stuff can’t be the answer. 224 more words

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Little Bowls, Rings and Things

I love, love, love little ceramic bowls. Anyone who steps inside our kitchen knows this. There is a small colony on my counter where cups and bowls of many colors, surfaces and sizes live. 359 more words

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What a Meal Can Mean

Four remarkable women from Thistle Farms came over for dinner on Saturday. It wasn’t planned. Our lives were changed.

My husband Mark and I went to Whole Foods on Saturday because… 435 more words

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Handcrafted Work is Cheap

The more time I spend with artisans, the more reverant I become. They are thoughtful, humble people working passionately on their craft. When you realize how much time and care is required to make something by hand, the prices they charge seem ridiculously low. 260 more words

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The GoGifts Quirky Phone Series - Part 2

In this post, we continue to reveal the truly unbelievable phones offered by GoGifts in their effort to jazz up the boring desk phone. Last time we described the… 272 more words