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The EverLOLing

The Everlasting is an RPG – or rather, a series of RPGs, detailing a setting referred to as The Secret World, in which various supernatural entities contend against each other in the shadows of modern-day society. 4,718 more words

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Beefcake: what it is and what it isn't [VERY NSFW]

As mentioned in other places on the interbutts, I’ve been hired by Ryan Macklin to assist with art direction for Katanas & Trenchcoats – his love letter to 90’s tabletop roleplaying (“Embrace the dream of ’90s tabletop roleplaying through the darkness-fueled madness of immortals, werebeasts, car wizards, and more!”) – which is down to hours left at the time of writing this post, so really, do go take a look. 1,779 more words

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This week inspiration is a mysterious city under an enchantment that allows its citizens to chose their own age.

No one knows who built Samirchan. The current inhabitants found it as it is today, a grand city under the influence of a powerful time enchantment. 289 more words

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Overlooked Hardbacks of AD&D 2E

Among grognards of a certain generation the hardbacks of 1E AD&D are looked on especially fondly. At first they just consisted of the three generally-embraced core books plus  2,202 more words

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Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase: (n) 1. the time between infection by (or induction of) a bacteriophage, or other virus, and the appearance of mature virus within the cell; an interval of time during which viral infectivity cannot be recovered. 2,853 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Washbourne's Brands of Sword and Sorcery

Simon Washbourne ranks alongside Kevin Crawford as one of the best one-man-band acts in traditional RPG design these days, turning out fun little RPGs based around strong concepts with interesting mechanics tending towards the rules-light end of the spectrum. 208 more words

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Microscope Under the Microscope

One of the things that enraged me about Ron Edwards’ awful brain damage thing is that Ron wheeled out his horrible opinions on how White Wolf games warp developing minds in the process of making a point which was actually fairly reasonable, but which got derailed by the impossibly crass way he expressed it and the terrible ideas he wheeled out in the process of being crass. 1,261 more words

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