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Gamecraft: NPCs

I’m taking a break from my World of Darkness series to punch this out a bit. I’m working to absorb Demon and hopefully have it out soonish. 1,175 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Stephanilesia, the Goddess of Fate and Love (and milady)

I mention it frequently but there is not a number of times that will be enough: Stephanie Connors is amazing and I love her to pieces. 136 more words

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ENWorld's Hot Roleplaying Games - February 2015

Another month, another chance to check in on ENWorld’s chart of hot RPGs. Usual reminder applies: RPGs are scored on the chart based on what’s being actively discussed on as wide a pool of internet fora and blogs as they can find RSS feeds for. 1,395 more words

Tabletop RPGs


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, fans of comedy and D&D of all ages!

You float in a void of nothingness, weightless and powerless. Slowly the familiar scent of sea water broadsides your senses and waves of nauseating pain rack your mind as memories of a terrible storm and incredibly swift current return to you.

351 more words
Tabletop RPGs

V-Day Stuff, Bros. Taisho are joined, the Recent Controversy, Forsaken Frontier, and an AaWBlog surprise

1) There’s an exciting update coming up on Valentine’s Day. That’s all I’m to say about it.

2) I am refraining from speaking on it any further (beyond a few remarks early on in the article’s staggering list of comments) because I like keeping my feet out of my mouth, so all I’ll say is this: … 191 more words

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Busy busy busy doing things. An exciting new project is getting the putty smacked onto the sculpture wire, as it were, and I’m really stoked about it. 11 more words

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N.O.W. Playtest is OUT! Veranthea's layout has begun!

It’s TRUE! I’ve some flash fiction to do for it yet, but if you want to take one your careers in Gun Fu, knock about in a martial arts brawl overflowing with CHI, build a super sweet vigilante vehicle, dismantle an evil organization bent on world domination, experience the… 161 more words

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