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Ranger Recipes: How to Make Underdark Mushroom Miso Soup

Welcome to the first of a exciting new segment called Ranger Recipes. This monthly piece will showcase a game paired with a recipe that is tasty, thematic, and easy to cook in your own home. 350 more words

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Pathfinder Part 2: Looking at Art in Pathfinder Material [CHARTS][LONG]

Recently, I wrote about my experiences in trying out the Pathfinder Adventures card game app, which was released several weeks ago. Unfortunately, the sub-optimal experience created by the already confusing and buggy UI was made worse by bafflingly sexist art which I had no option to escape or avoid.  2,148 more words

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Mists of Akuma: Adeddo-Oni, Ancestral Weapons, and Pregenerated PCs!

The Mists of Akuma Kickstarter is on its last two weeks and over 60% funded so far!

It has been a riveting campaign and we’ve blown through backer goals! 168 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Sleepy Ridge: The Town Built Out of Gravestones

Today we visit the town of Sleepy Ridge which was built out of the stones from a forgotten cemetery.

Although the town of Sleepy Ridge lays less than half a day’s travel from a major trade road, the citizens keep to themselves and the only visitors are those seeking the town’s famous mediums. 335 more words

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Top 10 Games to Play While Eating Chinese Take Out

There’s something incredibly inviting about a table groaning under the weight of identical white origami boxes. Perhaps it’s because we get a sense of mystery from not knowing what’s inside each perfectly similar small box. 947 more words

Game Nights

Loot Pick of the Week: The GOAT Mug

Coffee is a sacred treasure onto itself. It’s the weapon that helps you stay up to grind through an entire dungeon in one night. It’s the elixer of life because  “you are absolutely not going to stop playing Ghost Stories this time, until you finally win…period!” Coffee is one of the staples of game night and at any convention it flows like water, saving us from making those awful unhealthy choices like sleeping. 208 more words

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The EverLOLing

The Everlasting is an RPG – or rather, a series of RPGs, detailing a setting referred to as The Secret World, in which various supernatural entities contend against each other in the shadows of modern-day society. 4,718 more words

Tabletop RPGs