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Proud to Be Pro-Duck

I’m reading the Guide to Glorantha at the moment, and this bit of art brought joy to my heart. Not just the awesome depiction of dragonewts – though they are cool – but how in the background you can see a dragonewt negotiating with a party of ducks. 452 more words

Tabletop RPGs

ENWorld's Hot RPGs - February 2016

It’s time for another look at at ENWorld’s list of hot RPGs.

Happily, since last time ENWorld seem to have done some spring-cleaning of the page and the underlying systems – maybe they read one of my posts where I complained about some of the oddities. 1,769 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Why I Love Mongoose Traveller, Why I Won't Get the New Edition

As with many games that have been revised and reissued regularly since the 1970s, Traveller is in the precarious position of having a rather startling number of different versions of it available. 4,246 more words

Tabletop RPGs


Hello folks! I’ve been super busy prepping books (some of which are out – get the 100 page $5 marvel that is Veranthea Codex: Radical Pantheon… 593 more words

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The Rough Part of Town

This week, two more ‘box-texts.’ These are not as random as they might seem at first, they are part of what I’m calling “The Rough Part of Town,” and go with… 224 more words

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Everyday items that can enhance theme in your game night

Before we jump in with our first full article (Throwing a Murder & Mystery Game Night) we wanted to talk about basic ways to have fun with theme on any game night. 856 more words

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You've Been Invited to Dinner

We are a group of professional cooks that have two Obsessions: Cooking and playing TableTop Games. These different worlds naturally began to collide forming a weekly themed game night that friends dubbed “Dungeons&Dinner”. 115 more words

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