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News from PaizoCon!

Legendary Games (one of my publishers) received a letter from someone currently being held by Oregon State Corrections. Among other games they mentioned… 2,408 more words

MIke Myler

Hyper Score Marvel: Thor!

Welcome to Hyper Score Marvel where every week I use Hypercorps 2099 to put together an iconic hero or villain from the world’s most popular superhero universe! 1,001 more words

MIke Myler

[Q&A] Mike Myler (Book of Exalted Darkness)

<+Mike_Myler> Hello! I’m Mike Myler, a freelance game designer from Pittsburgh. While I work for many companies, the heart and soul of what I do is make campaign settings–today we’re talking about Book of Exalted Darkness, my 5th project to that end (and 6th Kickstarter): (Link: … 5,587 more words


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What a great Q&A! Definitely a fun read if you want to see just how evil I plan on getting!

Kickstopper: More of the Clans

Over on Ferretbrain we’ve had a long-running series called Kickstopper, with articles reviewing the outcome of Kickstarters from a backer’s-eye-view. That said, some of the Kickstarters I back cover topics which are a bit niche for a general audience, especially when it comes to tabletop RPGs. 3,471 more words

Tabletop RPGs

The Book of Exalted Darkness Kickstarter is live!

I am SO STOKED about this Kickstarter–my fifth campaign setting and last big foray into D&D 5e! If you are like me and love playing an evil character  73 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Aku and Samurai Jack!

Someone on Facebook asked “what would Aku look like in D&D 5E?” and to that I say: here’s a build for Aku and Samurai Jack (using the handy dandy mechanics in… 2,079 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Easily the Most Useful Demon Supplement Ever

Onyx Path and White Wolf before them have produced Translation Guides to allow people to convert characters and concepts between their various World of Darkness… 586 more words

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