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Expanding Middle-Earth

I’ve gone on the record as saying that I consider the core rules of The One Ring to be the best rules for Middle-Earth gaming so far in terms of capturing the distinctive themes and flavour of the setting. 3,908 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Tabletop Adventure-Building: Campaigning in the Here and Now

-By Mike

Tabletop RPGs have been my hobby for a long time, and I’ve also always had a certain appreciation for level design, and exploring the topic of creating dungeons, encounters, and challenges in games like D&D or Shadowrun is one of the ways I try to connect with that. 2,492 more words


Still More Questions About Conquest of the Sphere

Here is the third batch of questions about Conquest of the Sphere from the folks at A Deadman’s Guide to Dragongrin.

Day 19

How are taxes collected in your world? 714 more words

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Adventure Review: D3 - Vault of the Drow & Q1 - Queen of the Demonweb Pits

I off and on have been reviewing the parts of the first AD&D adventure path – Against the Giants (in two parts – Part 1… 1,204 more words

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D&D 5E: Jinno

The Imperial Matchmaker Kickstarter ends this Sunday night!

We’re about to unlock GM screens for everyone and if we manage to fund it’s going to be in a riveting and rapid climb past 100%! 1,745 more words

Tabletop RPGs

Houses of the Bungled

Houses of the Blooded is John Wick’s self-proclaimed attempt at an “anti-D&D” – a fantasy RPG which turns the assumptions of Dungeons & Dragons on its head, so rather than playing a group of rootless mercenaries watching each others’ backs as you seek fame and fortune, you play a clique of well-established inhuman nobles who will gladly shank each other in the name of revenge and romance. 1,250 more words

Tabletop RPGs

The Barrowmaze: Pace-setting written into D&D Adventures.

Ever since receiving my copy of Greg Gillespie’s mega-dungeon, Barrowmaze complete, I’ve yearned to challenge a group of players with it. In late 2017, I considered running the… 1,616 more words