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End of the most recent playtest:
With her location compromised by Viztao whitehats, LANrefn1 pulled out her hyperjack just in time not to get fried by the viruses drowning the panels of hardware all around her apartment. 115 more words

MIke Myler

HYPERCORPS 2099 reveal #2!

To sign up for one of the Gen Con games, contact me on Facebook or send an e-mail to mike.myler.adventures ( a t ) gmail.com!

MIke Myler

Making Gaming a Safer Space for Women

TW: discussion of sexism and sexual assault

Image courtesy of themarysue.com

It’s no secret that gaming can be a hostile place for women. Gamergate of last year is an obvious example, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we said the misogyny was limited to the world of video games. 792 more words


Learning More About the Order of Hermes

It’s time I set my sights on planning the next Ars Magica slot for my Monday evening group, so it’s time to look at another brace of supplements. 1,085 more words

Tabletop RPGs

How Tall is a Giant?

The height of a giant can vary greatly.  How do I know this?  Well, I learned it from Giants, a tabletop RPG supplement written by Bruce Humphrey and published in 1987 by Role Aids.   191 more words


Giving Rolemaster Another Chance

Rolemaster as an RPG system gets a lot of shit. For about as long as I can remember being involved with the hobby (so since the early 1990s at least) it’s been the butt of every joke about system complexity going, dismissed as… 1,915 more words

Tabletop RPGs