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Barcode Kingdom

A nifty little gimmick shouldn’t be the only selling point for a title on the iStore. Luckily Barcode Kingdom manages to offer a rich game to back up the novelty of scanning random barcodes into your device to generate random content. 1,006 more words


Beast Bound

When MBU retrospectively reviewed Deep Realms a short while ago it was with a heavy heart that a former Facebook classic would never make the jump to modern mobile devices. 1,395 more words


How the Windows 10 Debut Will Be Unlike Any Windows Launch Before

Years before people waited in rain or shine to get the latest iPhone, they lined up for the new version of Windows.

It was 20 years ago next month that Bill Gates and Jay Leno presided over a gala launch at Microsoft headquarters while throngs of geeks queued up ahead of the midnight launch to grab boxes of a shiny new operating system called Windows 95. 726 more words


Final Fantasy III

Was there ever an RPG as desired as Final Fantasy III? When all of the other games were receiving ports to the Playstation in the golden era of gaming this title slipped the net and it wouldn’t be until it saw eventual release on the DS that gamers could get hold of it and play it for themselves. 1,203 more words


Gartner Cuts 2015 Outlook Amid PC Weakness, China Smartphone Slowdown

Gartner says that the arrival of Windows 10 will slow rather than help a rebound in corporate PCs, while weakness in the Chinese phone market will hurt global sales in that once high-flying category. 535 more words


Loren the Amazon Princess

It’s rare that Visual Novels cross the border into RPG territory. In their strictest sense they play the role of an interactive story book, demanding decisions on the part of the player infrequently and have garnered an unfair reputation as borderline sex-games through the release of a couple of high profile titles. 1,376 more words