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Lost Portal

Most Card based RPGs are light on the RPG and heavy on the card game mechanics. Lost Portal bucks the trend in this regard by providing the player with a meaty RPG experience and world to explore. 1,054 more words


Unison League

Social RPGs don’t get any more social than Unison League. It’s one step away from being an MMORPG in many ways. Developed by the studio Perfect Game, it’s an extremely streamlined game of battling, loot collection and playing dress up with your avatar. 1,106 more words


Mine Quest 2

The original Mine Quest from Tapps Games was a small but somewhat addictive little hybrid of Clicker and RPG that was something of a guilty pleasure. 1,222 more words


Dead Shell

Dead Shell is the newest game to come out of HeroCraft, the studio that brought us ‘Dark Ages’, ‘Tempest’ and ‘Alchemic Maze’. Their first attempt at a RogueLike, this game falls more sincerely into the sub-category of RogueLight, but makes up for what it loses in challenge with an insanely brilliant premise and gameplay hook. 1,040 more words


Super Awesome RPG

When a game has a title like ‘Super Awesome RPG’ then it’s already setting certain expectations. You’re looking for a game that’s self aware, fast paced and possibly a little bit 90s, but more importantly it’s a statement that needs to be lived up to. 1,172 more words


Revenant Saga

Kemco has a history of releasing regular if not stellar RPGs onto mobile devices that dates all of the way back to the Game Boy (and has started to release onto the Nintendo 3DS as of late), but few of their games can be actually described as great. 1,472 more words


Intel spent more than $10 billion to catch up in mobile. Then it gave up.

After missing the early days of the smartphone revolution, Intel spent in excess of $10 billion over the last three years in an effort to get a foothold in mobile devices. 908 more words