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Decipherment of the Linear B seal BE Zg2

Decipherment of the Linear B seal BE Zg2:

This decipherment is straightforward. It certainly makes sense that a Linear B seal could deal with 5 torches, more than likely in the context of a religious or royal rite.



Designed with a casual audience in mind, Postknight is the latest title to come from Kurechii, (the studio behind Tiny Guardians) and manages to cater to RPG enthusiasts as well as those looking for a lighter bite of game action. 832 more words


Fire Emblem: Heroes

After the lack-lustre showing from Nintendo on the mobile market to date (that is in terms of gameplay quality rather than sales), success the gaming giant has seen fit to bring another of their big IPs to the scene in an effort to continue their relentless assault on gamers wallets. 1,061 more words


Moji Quest

Moji Quest is something of an odd duck, the first real RPG to take advantage of the new iOS in-message app feature, it’s visual style and sense of party-based fun will either be embraced or shunned by players in equal measures. 729 more words


Lost Portal

Most Card based RPGs are light on the RPG and heavy on the card game mechanics. Lost Portal bucks the trend in this regard by providing the player with a meaty RPG experience and world to explore. 1,054 more words


Unison League

Social RPGs don’t get any more social than Unison League. It’s one step away from being an MMORPG in many ways. Developed by the studio Perfect Game, it’s an extremely streamlined game of battling, loot collection and playing dress up with your avatar. 1,106 more words