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18 April ― 10 Jalál

The ninth principle of Bahá’u’lláh is: That Religion should not concern itself with Political Questions.

Religion is concerned with things of the spirit, politics with things of the world. 409 more words

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8 April ― 19 Bahá

As a nursing mother, my wife apologized to ‘Abdu’l-Baha for what she spoke of as her “great appetite.” He however referred to her duties as a mother and the labors which make part of that calling, and to the need therefore for more than usual nourishment. 1,321 more words

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3 April ― 14 Bahá

Beloved friends:  To every generation of young believers comes an opportunity to make a contribution to the fortunes of humanity, unique to their time of life.  794 more words

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25 February ― 19 Mulk

“. . . it is the purity of heart, detachment,

uprightness, devotion, and love of the teacher that

attracts the Divine confirmations and enables him, 600 more words

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9 January ― 10 Sharaf

Of the two other kinds of healing which are spiritual — that is to say, where the means of cure is a spiritual power — one results from the entire concentration of the mind of a strong person upon a sick person, when the latter expects with all his concentrated faith that a cure will be effected from the spiritual power of the strong person, to such an extent that there will be a cordial connection between the strong person and the invalid. 713 more words

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31 December ― The Feast of Sharaf [Honour]

31 December ― The Feast of Sharaf



This Wronged One hath invariably treated the wise with affection. By the wise is meant men whose knowledge is not confined to mere words and whose lives have been fruitful and have produced enduring results. 439 more words

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19 December ― 8 Masá’il

…His mission is to proclaim that the ages of the infancy and of the childhood of the human race are past, that the convulsions associated with the present stage of its adolescence are slowly and painfully preparing it to attain the stage of manhood, and are heralding the approach of that Age of Ages when swords will be beaten into plowshares, when the Kingdom promised by Jesus Christ will have been established, and the peace of the planet definitely and permanently ensured. 1,232 more words

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