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20 August ― THE FEAST OF ASMÁ’ [Names]

20 August ― THE FEAST OF ASMÁ’

 Praise and glory beseem the Lord of Names and the Creator of the heavens, He, the waves of Whose ocean of Revelation surge before the eyes of the peoples of the world. 417 more words

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18 August - 18 Kamal


Living in seclusion or practising asceticism is not acceptable in the presence of God. It behoveth them that are endued with insight and understanding to observe that which will cause joy and radiance. 790 more words


8 August ― 8 Kamál

In His letter to Náṣiri’d-Dín Sháh, the ruler of Persia, which refrains from any rebuke concerning His imprisonment in the Síyáh-Chál and the other injustices He had experienced at the king’s hand, Bahá’u’lláh speaks of His own role in the Divine Plan: … 1,694 more words

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31 July ― 19 Kalimát

Bahá’í administration has no aim except the good of all nations and it does not take any steps that are against the public good. Contrary to the conception the word “administration” may create in the mind because of the similarity in name, it does not resemble the current organizations of political parties; it does not interfere in political affairs; and it is the safeguard against the involvement of Bahá’ís in subversive political activities. 468 more words

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27 July ― 15 Kalimát

Those souls who have the capacity and ability to receive the outpourings of the Kingdom and the confirmation of the Holy Spirit, they become attracted through one word. 371 more words

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The impulse that had been initially communicated to human consciousness through the revelation of the Creative Word itself, whose revolutionary social implications had been proclaimed by the Master, was now being translated by their appointed interpreter into the vocabulary of political and economic transformation in which the public discourse of the century was everywhere taking place. 1,036 more words

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27 June ― 4 Raḥmat

Paralleling the growth of his inner life through prayer, meditation, service, and study of the teachings, Bahá’í youth have the opportunity to learn in practice the very functioning of the Order of Bahá’u’lláh. 878 more words

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