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Animated TableView Pull to Refresh Loading - PullToBounce

In this tutorial we will learn to implement custom Pull to Refresh loading indicator using Swift 1.2 in XCode 6.4.

Getting started

Open Xcode and create a new project by choosing the Single View Application template. 1,333 more words


Abriendo un viewcontroller con un buscador activado.

Este problema me ha vuelto loco un par de días: tenía una tabla (uitableview) en cuyas celdas tenía información pero también un botón que abría un nuevo viewcontroller a pantalla completa. 180 more words


Soccer tonight at Sunningdale Sports Complex

We will be hosting a soccer match tonight at 19:00, and need 6 more players to make up our side.

Please contact Tom on 555 9879

Soccer Match

Swift Watchkit: How to Add Simple Dynamic Tables to Apple Watch

In the last post, we looked at scroll views and static tables. There are many instances where tables filled with data at runtime are necessary. 2,205 more words

Swift Programming

Differing Table View Heights

So I’m creating an app which I wanted different themes for the Table View.
I’ve created two Prototype Cells and given them different CellIdentifiers.
This is then stored in a plist of DefaultPreferences. 46 more words


Best of Reddit App

So this is my first solo attempt at taking web content and splitting up the NSUTF8StringEncoding in order to make something semi-intelligible. I’d followed a how-to on doing this with one piece of string in order to find the weather in various cities. 77 more words

Grouping with ListView and TableView and the TableViewItemsSourceBehavior

When I select a mountain area in my weather App I want to display a list of options. These options will include forecasts, weather observations at various weather stations, avalanche and other information. 1,571 more words