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I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge Epik High fan, so suffice to say, I can’t wait for the next few days to pass. I’ve been excited for their new album since there were rumblings that a new full length was in the works. 252 more words


She's Got Seoul: An Introspective on LeeHi

As a fan of K-Pop over the years, I’ve tried to get friends near and far into one of my favorite music genres and while others became avid fans, the others well…not so much. 1,022 more words


Lone Star

The star shines for everyone in the world, but in reality, it itself is surrounded in darkness.



PMS-ing Without the Period

A couple of days ago I could feel myself starting to get cranky. I was disinterested in everything and getting annoyed at the smallest things. I was hungry and craving sugar. 159 more words


offonoff, listen to them.

Hey so if you haven’t heard of offonoff yet, then you really should. The two artists that make up the group, Colde and 0Channe, will  soothe you with their smooth vibes and chill beats. 56 more words


Marina mağazalarının sessizliği ve ansızın gelen 10.000 Dolar

Marinada mağaza açmak AVM’de mağazaya açmaya benzemez. Denize bir adım mesafede çayını yudumlarsın.  Yaz kış deniz havası içine zikreder, “Oh be !” dersin. Kışın marina tenhalaşınca belki facebook bağımlısı olabilirsin ama cancağızım kim olmadı ki… 213 more words

1am Thoughts

It’s 1am, and I’m struggling to sleep – Might be because of the 4-hour nap I had today. Or the fact my brain is whirling 100 thoughts per minute. 71 more words

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