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Contradiction of faith and scientific reasoning


Science has developed many folds ahead of what a little brain of a normal person could perceive. In fact, a big credit to the people who do their parts of assigned job rigorously without any stopping. 331 more words

Anathemas to the Nation

With Sancia being a pleasure-saturated culture, it is not true that it is entirely a world of leisure within Sancian borders. There are things that will leave a bad taste in Sancians’ mouths, and this is the list that identifies those things… 604 more words


Ding! Ding! I get it now....

I am 29 and I am just now discovering who I am and what I want to do in my life. I used to look at others my age and be envious at where they were in life: married, coorparte jobs, mothers, and I would desire that and try yo achieve that. 257 more words


Observations on messiness, romanticising and taboos

I’m realising more and more that this blog is a work in progress, and about a work in progress – and as such, it deals with unfinishedness. 702 more words



In some traditions, adultery was treated as a serious crime, namely to preserve the value of family. Even then, some people make a fetish out of such actions. 184 more words


Questioning Climate Science: a sign of sanity in an increasingly mad world

I don’t believe climate scientists can do what they claim to be able to do. There. I said it. Let the angry mobs assemble – but please, pitchforks only. 839 more words

Climate Change


Some cultures find bestiality a horrendous act of rape worth calling a crime. Others make a traditional event out of it. Still others even made a thriving sector of the sex industry out of it. 283 more words