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1974 Film on Menstruation - A must see.

Linda’s Film on Menstruation (1974)

A 1974 film about menstruation financed by the Creative Artists Public Service Program of the New York State Council of the Arts(CAPS), a program that ran from 1970 to 1981. 124 more words



Suicide is considered a major anathema to Sancian life, and is highly frowned upon. However, there is no possible way to incriminate someone who has committed it, so there is no law against it. 104 more words


Sex Struggles - Kind Of....almost.

Sex.  That’s where I left off…the topic of sex.

Sex is everywhere.  I mentioned this before…media, video games, movies, television shows, you name it.  It’s there, and it sells.  984 more words


Kenapa beberapa hal yang sebenarnya tidak tabu di’tabu’kan?

Seperti edukasi seks misalkan. Orang-orang selalu freaked out saat seseorang bilang satu kata itu. Ditabukan.

Untuk masalahku, sebenarnya aku hanya ingin masuk SMA jurusan bahasa. 182 more words


Rule # 1: Don't Tell Betty

(Poor Betty! She was and is a great person, and she isn’t a gossip. This isn’t even about her. Sorry, Betty! This rule should actually be called “What Happens in the Family Stays in the Family.”) 434 more words


What's the deal with society anyway?

What are social norms?  Well, if you’re reading this you probably know, but humor me here while I perhaps shed some light for others.
Social norms, as defined by Stanford University, are the rules and guidelines that govern the behavior within groups and society (Bicchieri & Muldoon, 2011).  621 more words

Taboos vs. Trust: Answering the Uncomfortable Questions


I grew up in a family where certain things just didn’t get talked about. My parents, like many of their generation, directly avoided discussing any topic that made them uncomfortable or which they assumed we were too young, or naive or immature to understand. 716 more words