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Love stories and Relationships | The Modern Edition

This is a real love story that took place a couple of years ago. And it sums up almost everything about the meaning and the feeling of love. 1,218 more words



Take me back to the days 

When I woke up to a sunny haze 

When I was a child, not more than three feet tall   242 more words


13 Reasons Why: If someone told you they were in pain, what would you do?

She is laying in a tub, fully clothed, the water filled to the brim. Her heart is beating; her hands are shaking as she scrapes the blade onto her wrists. 1,004 more words


Meat tenderizer

I once had a Spanish teacher who noticed a small cut below my sideburns. The most caring and open-minded teacher I ever had, he suggested something unusual. 125 more words


The prince of the power of the air

We are convinced that Satan has been behind the taboo of ANR. If more marriages practiced ANR, I think there would be a lot less divorce.

71 more words
Jesus Christ

Acceptance: On being FAT: Facing the final taboo!


I am fat! There, I’ve said the ‘F’ word that lurks in closets and writhes with shame. F.A.T. According to many, I dare say I am not simply fat, but grossly, morbidly obese – and should, I am sure, be marched off by the Diet Nazis (those who genuinely believe that a size 12 equals extra large!) and force-fed fresh air until my unsightly curves dwindle to a more acceptable size… 724 more words

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Fear of solitude | Which are the differences of being alone and lonely

Did you know that the fear of solitude is called also autophobia, monophobia, isolophobia, or eremophobia? With other words, we are talking about the phobia of isolation which means that  370 more words