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5/21/15 - Nicole Trunfio

“You’ve got to see it,” my friend Tess told me over the phone.
“Are you sure it’s me?”   I didn’t know what I thought of this news.   173 more words

Flash Fiction


Can we please stick with being original and not a fake imitation????

To be original you will need to FIRST know who you are.

To know who you are means you have to explore and try out new things. 246 more words


Asylum seekers or economic migrants stealing jobs?

Research is like rummaging through your dead grandad’s belongings, only to discover some never-told secret. I wasn’t looking for information on Jewish East European immigration; my interest was in Octavius Morgan and his views, as demonstrated by his speeches in Parliament. 576 more words

dear politicians

Dear Politicians,

I am seventeen years old which means that I will be unable to vote in the General Election tomorrow. In general, by your standards, this also means that I don’t really matter. 427 more words


Menssmerter (2014)

“Menssmerter” (“Period pain”) (2014)

Fineliner on paper (A4).

This drawing was also published in the March 2015-edition of the feminist magazine “Fett”.


The face behind the screen

Hello there and welcome to my blog. Since this blog will discus different kind of topics such as my personal interests, positive mind setting, healthy lifestyle etc. 708 more words


Death Café

On Monday evening Sarah and I went to a Death Café – which had nothing at all to do with salmonella sandwiches or arsenic-laced americanos. Rather it was a gathering of 20 or 30 strangers who had come together to drink coffee, eat cake and talk about one of the least-discussed topics in today’s society, death. 678 more words