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All of which makes me suspect that back of the sun and way deep under our feet, at the earth’s center, are not a couple of noble mysteries but a couple of joke books.

– Tennessee Williams


A language of curses

How many sweets have you got?

I got 5, have you also got 5?

No, just 3. Can I have one more so it can me fair?

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Interlingual Taboos, or Why Some People Won't Talk Turkey

The turkey is native to the Americas, so naturally those native cultures that knew about turkeys had a name for them in their languages (how the bird was named in the Old World is… 347 more words

Long Live Menstruation

Feminist Kiran Gandhi tells the “world” why she ran the London Marathon while “menstruating” freely.

Running a marathon at the best of times is an… 457 more words


None of your business

In today’s age where most of the youth in our country seems to be educated and self-aware, there are a lot of questions that come in to picture, with respect to certain aspects of life. 1,014 more words

Remember to obey these commandments

From Daily Kos:

An Open Letter to Dr. Laura Schlesinger
Mar 25, 2010 1:34am PDT by fly
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It’s the middle of the night so I’ll shamelessly poach something I found at Naked Capitalism, it’s amusing. 626 more words


Tattoos and the List of Tabooed Desires.

“I am going to the mall. Will be back in an hour,” I shouted through the door. It’s standard operating procedure. Before I leave the house, I must tell the ladies where I was going and how long I’d be gone. 496 more words