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For some time, I have been in a dilemma about whether or not to write about the current controversy surrounding a couple of temples in India (and also the Haji Ali dargah in Mumbai) denying women the right to enter or pray because they menstruate. 202 more words


Common Taboos to Avoid and More Moving Advice from Stellar Movers

Stellar Movers, LLC prides itself in providing services for both residential and commercial clients in Philadelphia and the Tri-State Area that help them have a no-stress, no-hassle move. 129 more words

The admirable goals of clergy (or would-be clergy)

Seminary Student Sought Children Under 4 for Sexual Assault, Officials Say


I had intended this blog to be mostly about the humorous aspects, but…

Relationship Of Sexes

Systemic Institutional Malaise

In the last post I pointed at the change cycle and how the tendency is to look for evidence “It” isn’t true. Here in the UK the case of Deepcut barracks is again back in the news. 509 more words

Self Discovery

Breaking Taboos

Whilst the re-cycling concept is easily embraced in other parts of the world, here in Asia, there are a hosts of taboos associated with using recycled wares and broken or cracked stuff, especially if you are Chinese. 413 more words


Freedom of Speech

The concept of freedom of speech is an old one and one that has been strongly defended and upheld by numerous generations all over the world. 833 more words

Sexual desire is neither sinful nor scary - Skydiving part 2

Many greats in church history felt the need to remove sexual references and spiritualize their interpretations of the Song of Solomon but the book clearly refers to sex.

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