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The Unmentionables

Remember when toilet paper was something that we never had to think about until we actually had to use it? And how we only became concerned if we sat down and discovered that there wasn’t enough of it? 333 more words

Caribbean Life

Two lovers

Two strangers living their busy lives,

Stumbled upon each other,

Unaware of what life had in store,

They set out to discover.

They found a new side of themselves, 73 more words


If you don't like our food, we have a problem

Here in Finland people are forming their opinions on a hot matter: last night refugees at a Finnish refugee center demonstrated against the quality of food offered to them. 424 more words


Keep Calm and...

When did life become so needy? Why the deluge of positive affirmations?  If the Athena poster store had been around today, amongst the imagery of the guy holding a baby and tennis player scratching her butt … they would’ve had a picture and positive affirmation for EVERYTHING. 670 more words


Ghost Month is no joke

Ghost Month in Chinese tradition is pretty similar to Halloween in the West, where the dead gets to walk the earth for a while–except we drag it out for a month (the seventh month of the lunar calendar). 979 more words



“Kjønnshår” (“Pubic Hair”) (2015)

Fineliner on paper (A3)


Love brewed in Langata

I was in primary school when the romance between Kui* and Kamal* started and we kids watched in fascination as it unfolded. Kui was the firstborn in her family which lived three plots away from ours. 1,995 more words