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Taboos When Taking Chinese Herbal Medicines

Compared to traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, the side effects of human body is very small, almost equal to zero, but drug toxicity is, Chinese traditional medicine really don’t have any side effects?Is Chinese traditional medicine side effect is small, but to eat Chinese traditional medicine taboos cannot ignore. 390 more words

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gays want to force everyone to have sex with them--preacher

Tim Brooks warns that the SCOTUS ruling will lead to LGBTs forcing themselves on heterosexuals.



My sister-in-law sent an email the other day to the family (her mom, brother, me, other brother, his wife, dad and step-mother) asking for prayers because she needed to sell her car this weekend so she can pick up the new car she’s purchased on sunday. 854 more words

Extended Unemployment

Untold Gender Stories in Egypt: Interviewing Mona Al Shimi #supportBussy

No one can deny Egypt’s influence on the culture of the Arab world at large. In the past 3 decades we have been witnessing a rapid growth of religious extremism, projection towards more conservatism, expansion of patriarchy and inflation of masculinity. 1,260 more words

Religion does not have to kill

Fact: If you are working unprotected in the hot sun, the major way that you can cool down is to sweat.

Fact: If you sweat in the desert, with very dry air, and the sweat evaporates from you body, 427 more words

Religious Comment

Excuse Me!

Where do you draw the line?

naked idiots,
urinating, defacing,
shouting profanities,
Has moral been misplaced?

The absence of hudud – floods… 67 more words