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Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 73

Notes and tidbits on FB and Twitter. Part 73

Your immune system is in constant battles with man-made enemies, the medications, in addition to the ones that the environment is sending. 665 more words


Discomfort is always a necessary part of the process of enlightenment...!!!

Many times we follow certain tradition because we grew up watching others. As we understand sometimes we do ask questions and sometimes it doesn’t bother anyone as part of tradition it’s more of celebration and social engagement hence it doesn’t come out as a question as why do we follow this norm. 722 more words

Questioning the Unquestioned!

Acceptance of Rape victims

Why blaming a victim for so many reasons? What about the rapist who’s ruined the life of the victim? It’s easy to show sympathy and kindness to them, but what next? 622 more words

What Antifa Gets Wrong, and What Ought to Be Censored

I sat through a class yesterday, and I saw murdered people on the projector, prostitute’s nipples, would have seen STDs had I not hid my eyes; there was videos, too, but I couldn’t hide my ears from hearing what was on them. 939 more words


Taboos in the Society and Lack of Awareness

The most simplistic definition of a taboo is something that is prohibited to do or to be discussed in the society because of some unjustifiable social or religious reasons. 743 more words


What I’m Reading: Navajo Nation Mysteries

This series, Navajo Nation Mysteries, by R. Allen Chappell, is a favorite of mine. I love these stories that combine Navajo culture with how the modern world intrudes – sometimes making things better, sometimes not. 193 more words

What I'm Reading

Dashiell Hammett says:

“My way of learning
is to heave a wild
and unpredictable
into the machinery.”