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Don’t cry, no tears they said,

Weeping is the sign of the weak.

Those words kept resonating in my head,

I was a strong breed, not one of the meek. 156 more words


43 People Confess The Kinky Sex Acts They'd Love To Do (But Are Afraid To Ask Their Partners)

Found on AskReddit.

1. Spank my ass so hard you leave a handprint.

“Don’t try to make me orgasm just use me to get off. 2,251 more words

Words that Were, Hushed in Nature...

Words that were, hushed in nature, how, do we, go about, finding out about them, I wonder…

Words that were, hushed in nature, because this huge TABOO is placed upon them by culture, or by our separate families, as we all have various things that make us all tick, and, we don’t know, when, we just might, step on that “forbidden zone” of each other’s when we interact. 175 more words

State Of Mind


When you set about selling your Worcester County house, it’s good to embrace the kind

of resolute outlook that’s served you well in other pursuits. That’s great, so long as you keep in mind that when it comes to selling a house, in addition to being a serious business pursuit, it is also one that comes with significant emotional factors. 484 more words

Home Buyers

The making of "Of Julia and Men"

I am an artist and have combined art and literature in one book. Because I am a very curious and sociable person, my life has been very adventurous. 155 more words

Erotic Etching

Banned is the new Black, Amazon targets erotica!

It was once thought if Amazon banned your book due to content you were doomed. Today?  It is the new Black and brings you a level of notoriety.   499 more words


Kinky Thrillers or getting lost in erotic genres.

It’s been a busy couple weeks.  The release of the second book in the Dark Desire series, Facade’s Retribution.  Getting ready to pre-release the third book in the series, Facade’s Surrender. 692 more words