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Making sense out of the Spiritual “sugarcoat.”

The ego, the “I,” is the source of mental anguish and suffering. Someone may experience physical suffering; it is just another experience unless it is interpreted as everlasting trauma. 576 more words


Ritual Behavior at UNH: Olivia Myers' view

Avoiding stepping on cracks, especially on sidewalks, is a taboo present in U.S. society.  As the old saying goes, “step on a crack and break your mother’s back.”  I learned about the saying from friends probably in elementary or middle school.   57 more words


Kayla Hansen's view of RITUAL PRACTICES: Dining Hall Trays

When we started talking about patting the Wildcat’s nose after the pep rally in class, I immediately thought about the things that we learned as freshmen that people just didn’t do. 242 more words


Social Media Addiction and Value of religious Taboos.

I spend a considerable amount of my free time on Twitter, Whatsapp and Facebook. Even when I am working, and have a couple of minutes to spare, like when the build is going on, my fingers automatically hit “Alt-Tab” to bring forth the browser and start typing “face <enter>” or “twitt <enter>”. 853 more words

Getting Nekkid

I love the answer to this query on Ukpuru, a multi-platform site that showcases ‘historical images of the Igbo, their neighbours and beyond’:

I am somewhat reminded of the stares we used to get when my daughter and I would go swimming and she would be topless. 220 more words

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"Do you miss your parents and friends?" Year abroad taboos: coping with loneliness, distance, and unfamiliarity

Last week Mia* in my Class 7 asked me if I’m living in Germany. For how long? Where? Why? She then asked if I’m living in Germany “ 636 more words


Knowing about self harm.

Thinking about this topic actually knots my stomach up completely. It’s something I always knew about and knew that it happened but I never thought it would become this massive dark and ugly cloud that hovers over the life of my family. 292 more words

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