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Even today menstruation is seen as impure as it is a sign of adolescence that explores sexual maturity and reproductive capacity. The tradition of Kumari confirms it. 327 more words


7 Taboos From a 17th-Century Coffeehouse

by Chris Vitale


In the 17th century, London coffeehouses were evolving into consortiums of progressive academics, philosophers, doctors, and lawmakers, including historical heavyweights like  447 more words


Marriage Culture & The top 10 Sexual Taboos: Taboo #3

“When you bring taboos with you, you involve the rest of the world and it’s culture in your marriage. Your marriage is between you and your spouse and the only culture that should exist is the one between you and your spouse.”

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Shhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell NObody!

Why do families have so many secrets?

Is that normal, or is it just my wonderful family?

Can we please discuss how it is so hard to be transparent when your family is so secretive?? 258 more words


1974 Film on Menstruation - A must see.

Linda’s Film on Menstruation (1974)

A 1974 film about menstruation financed by the Creative Artists Public Service Program of the New York State Council of the Arts(CAPS), a program that ran from 1970 to 1981. 124 more words



Suicide is considered a major anathema to Sancian life, and is highly frowned upon. However, there is no possible way to incriminate someone who has committed it, so there is no law against it. 104 more words


Sex Struggles - Kind Of....almost.

Sex.  That’s where I left off…the topic of sex.

Sex is everywhere.  I mentioned this before…media, video games, movies, television shows, you name it.  It’s there, and it sells.  984 more words