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On Limitations

The sparrows…have accepted even harsher limitations to achieve even more spectacular results. Like most birds, they have embraced many limits and traded in a galaxy of other possibilities in exchange for the supreme achievement of flight.

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Looking Back

Cultural Norms: What are They? And How Do They Relate to Values?


Last week, we talked about conforming to cultural norms. But what types of norms are we conforming to? And why and how are we conforming? 369 more words


Taboos related to dentistry. 

Hy all,

A patient came to me and I examined his oral cavity and asked him to undergo scaling and root planning first and then we’ll continue with his treatment. 523 more words


Periods and Indians

It’s been ten years since the first drop of blood stained my pants and I am still fighting the taboos regarding periods. Yes, every woman bleeds every month and it’s a biological process. 322 more words


PERIODS! Oh My God 😱

I’m on my period today while scribbling this. It’s day five so I’m rarely bleeding. Wait, how on the seven hells am I assumed to say this out blatant. 703 more words


Bleed Without Boundary

“When she bleeds the smells I know change color. There is iron in her soul on those days. She smells like a gun.”

While trying to decode Jeanette Winterson in the above mentioned excerpt from ‘Written over the Body’, it struck me out of nowhere how bleeding matters to the people who do not bleed or who do bleed, totally unaware of the facts they must be introduced to.

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