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Living Art by Nezaket Ekici

It was on a hot August day that I ventured into the suburbs of Berlin to see an exhibition by a Turkish-German artist Nezaket Ekici. It was stuffy on the train as people horded inside to be taken to the lakes outside of Berlin. 586 more words

Research And Reflection

Growing up in a mixed family: Rachel Baig

“People pointed out that I looked nothing like my mother!” Rachel Baig (Right) with her mother (Left)

Shuttling between two countries as a half-German and half-Pakistani, Rachel Baig talks to Roma Rajpal Weiß about her experience of growing up in a mixed family with the best of both worlds. 407 more words

Living As An Expat

Brothel for the girl who sought love...

I was so wet with fear. Drops of sweat on my face; heart beats crazy. I climbed the outer wall of my home and ran away middle of the night. 193 more words

17 Of The Wackiest Myths & Taboos About Menstruation You've Ever Heard

1. Don’t go into the ocean when you have your period, because sharks will attack you.

According to a scientific study wherein sharks were exposed to various human bodily fluids, the only one that attracted them was a specific stomach acid. 899 more words

I want to fuck

I also want to make love. Point is I want to grow and develop sexually and not just mentally and emotionally. In a previous post I said that I do not want a fuck buddy – that statement is now officially retracted. 499 more words