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The prince of the power of the air

We are convinced that Satan has been behind the taboo of ANR. If more marriages practiced ANR, I think there would be a lot less divorce.

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Jesus Christ

Acceptance: On being FAT: Facing the final taboo!


I am fat! There, I’ve said the ‘F’ word that lurks in closets and writhes with shame. F.A.T. According to many, I dare say I am not simply fat, but grossly, morbidly obese – and should, I am sure, be marched off by the Diet Nazis (those who genuinely believe that a size 12 equals extra large!) and force-fed fresh air until my unsightly curves dwindle to a more acceptable size… 724 more words

Creative Writing

Chronic Pain

Many don’t know that I deal with a chronic pain condition. I don’t let it stop me and it’s invisible. I don’t speak of it often because the actual condition that causes the pain is socially taboo. 269 more words

Chronic Pain

PURE OCD: Not so pure after all

At aged 16, I developed a little-known form of OCD called Pure OCD, which results in mental rumination and subsequent compulsions, usually revolving around taboo subjects. 1,130 more words



Women have been called queens or lakshmi for

a long time, but is the kingdom given to them

worth ruling with so many odds? ……….. 114 more words

Enjoyment: The bottom line

All Life experiences will move through a range “full to empty or empty to full” (- It is just a way to describe) which the conditioned mind is not able to grasp. 676 more words


Land of the Rising Sushi

Sake. Ahi. Toro. Ebi. Ika. Hotate.

They didn’t know what any of the transliterated words meant, and this menu lacked the bright pictures they’d seen at other establishments. 590 more words