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Vibrant hues of my period, Society.

Sex. I love.
Fuck, I don’t.
Confusing, Yes I am.
Got two seraphic balls and all I
have what it takes to be a WOMAN. 84 more words


What We Don't Say

We hide from ourselves. We fear not only our own darkness but our light. Our vulnerabilities lead to insecurities and we believe them to be weaknesses. 128 more words


I have Vulvodynia 

I’m just going to come out and say it – I have Vulvodynia and it’s embarrassing to say to the world. It’s harder for me to stay silent or refer to it as a vague chronic pain condition, I need to be able to feel a purpose in the pain and for me that is found in bringing awareness and helping others. 366 more words

Chronic Pain

The Miracles Of Menstruation

-Himadri Sharma

A girl walks in anxiety hiding her menstrual pain,
Nothing more deadly if you get a blood stain.
The body feels as if all parts are chained. 153 more words


Being honest about sex

I know I’m not alone in finding that speaking openly and honestly about sex gets some weird and unhelpful responses. For me, this was most relevant during my time as an erotica author, and I’ve seen it happen for other erotica authors too. 681 more words