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Is There Anything More Savage Than Dunking Basketballs On A Moving Train?


The Bros at Dude Perfect need to take a page from this playbook and get on the Dunking Devils‘ level. The guys behind this YouTube channel traveled to the Bohinj Railway in Slovenia to make what might be the best dunk video of all time. 73 more words


This Drunk Guy Trying To Do Pull-Ups Is All Of Us When We’re Blacked Out


You’re not you when you’re blacked out, which means you are much more likely to don a pair of shades and try to do a set of pull-ups while wearing tight jeans and a shitty polo. 40 more words


DeMar DeRozan Nearly Pulled Off An Impossible 360 Dunk Last Night That LeBron Claims Would Have Been Top 5 All-Time

I think this is the first time we’ve ever posted a missed dunk on this site, so it had to be pretty fucking special to warrant a post. 227 more words


This Baller Has One Of The Best Dunk Mixtapes I've Ever Watched


Love this Bro’s ups. Get a real Woody Harrelson White Men Can’t Jump vibe. Have to wonder how many times he landed on the hood of his mom’s BMW before landing on his final take?


This DIII Colby College Basketball Bro Can Throw It Down From Beyond The Foul Line And I'm Still In Awe

If you told me that the dude pictured above–a 6’2” division III basketball bro who averaged just six points a game last season could pull off dunks more impressive than the majority of NBA players, I’d tell you I do not like being lied to. 268 more words


You've Seen Dudes Get Dunked On, But Have You Seen A Posterization Result In A Piggy-Back Ride? Come Hither.

If you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Its the reason why Chris Christie stood behind Donald Trump looking like he just shit his pants. Its the reason why this Houston Baptist player smiled while carrying his opponent’s nuts on his neck for a good long while after being athletically disrespected in front of his classmates and now the entire world wide web. 119 more words