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Excerpt from Mimir's Well

Once we have crossed over the societal boundary of monotheistic faith, we are vulnerable. More accurately, our ego is vulnerable. We have risked exposure to ridicule in sacrificing the standard manner of living so many other people seem to enjoy. 1,143 more words

Customer Service and Support I

Location: England

Job Description

• Supports delivery of High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) program to major accounts, or Global Technical Centre (TAC) where applicable.
• Ensures follow-up and closure of critical problems with large strategic customers. 334 more words

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Mimir's Well on Kindle

The Kindle version of Mimir’s Well can be purchased here

Finally, a real book about Heathenry which will allow you to grow and develop in today’s world.

Bruno Borges Room Now Open To Public As Shrine

You know, it’s been a while since we checked in on our old friend Bruno Borges—the 27-year-old Brazilian psychology student who mysteriously disappeared in March, leaving behind a temple-like room with symbols on the walls, a life-sized Giordano Bruno statue, and a set of books written in code. 281 more words


Excerpt form Mimir's Well on the Thorsdrapa

No, we expect them to sacrifice a part of who they are to accommodate our failings.  This is the lesson of Sigyn, which means girlfriend, holding the bowl over Lokis head to catch the venom that is the result of his ego driven actions. 1,762 more words

Cisco introduces Cisco Intersight for UCS and HyperFlex

Cisco has unveiled Cisco Intersight, a management and automation platform for Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) and Cisco HyperFlex Systems, marking the start of a multi-year strategic program to provide customers with clear IT advantages that support their competitive business goals. 82 more words


From the Alvismol to Vafthruthnismol the folkish foundation of Asatru

But with treacherous wiles | must I now betray thee:
The day has caught thee, dwarf!
(Now the sun shines here in the hall.)”

Tacitus points out very clearly that the Northern Tribes kept to themselves and refrained from intermarrying between the tribes. 1,815 more words