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Loft & more to sklep dla wszystkich, którzy szukają unikatowego designu. Chcesz urządzić dom lub mieszkanie w stylu skandynawskim, industrialnym, rustykalnym lub etnicznym. Tu znajdziesz meble, lampy i dodatki, które nadadzą  Twojemu wnętrzu charakteru. 33 more words


An unsilent woman

Tace was almost unknown as a given name in London before the Quaker printer Andrew Sowle and his wife named their fourth daughter in 1666. It was a little less rare elsewhere; it crops up from the 1540s in the earliest Church of England registers, notably in Gloucestershire and the west. 602 more words

17th Century

EnSens, or how to overcome FRET assay limitations

How can you overcome the limits of FRET based protease activity assays for MMPs, ADAMs, Thrombin, Furin and Factor Xa?

Usually screenings for inhibitors of diverse protease activities are conducted with FRET or FRET-like assays, in which the protease substrate has to be coupled to a fluorophore and a quencher. 525 more words

Drug Discovery

Reading Geert Hoftstede’s article related to CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN TEACHING AND LEARNING reveals directly two reflections. As reader, if you do not feel learning new way of conceptualizing teaching or learning in intercultural context, you might feel on the other hand a kind of confirmation of your assumption. 818 more words


Metaanalysis of Survival, Complications, and Imaging Response following Chemotherapy-based Transarterial Therapy in Patients with Unresectable Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

As demonstrated by this metaanalysis, transarterial chemotherapy-based treatments for cholangiocarcinoma appears to confer a survival benefit of 2–7 months compared with systemic therapies, demonstrate a favorable response by imaging criteria, and have an acceptable postprocedural complication profile. 33 more words