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Have you got a mo'?

It’s definitely November.

November in Ireland is traditionally a month when any thoughts of misty mellow fruitfulness are blasted clean from your mind as Atlantic storms race across the ocean and take it in turns to essentially kick the shit of this small, wet rock on the edge of Europe we call home. 377 more words

General Blather

Blackpool is a diamond in the rough

I grew up in Blackpool so I will always care and have a soft spot for its shabby charm. I left 8 years ago to move to Edinburgh but have always come home – less frequently these days I have to admit. 242 more words



Eight members of staff from Lowestoft College ditched the razors last month and let their facial hair grow free as part of the global Movember campaign. 246 more words

Day 29: it's penultimate 'tache day

Peace, man. Huh.

Dude.  We all want peace and freedom.

Of course, when someone has mental health problems, it’s hard to find either.  It’s like having two or more radios turned up in your head, a whole load of anxious thoughts all racing around and jostling for your attention AND then you have to try and listen to other people when they talk to you and attempt to make sense of what they’re saying.   926 more words