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We Need A Yes-Means-Yes Policy for Government

The concept of consent has long been an important justification for western democracy (i.e., governments derive their just powers “from the consent of the governed”), and most people in the west accept this justification when evaluating the authority of their own governments. 1,101 more words


{Poetry}: The Implicit Nature of Love

Today, I joined a writing group on Facebook. It’s called Writing: One Line a Day. Each day is a different writing prompt. Today’s prompt was “tacit”, which means “understood or implied without being stated”. 116 more words



What’s wrong is wrong
Whitewashing the wrong
Will not make it right
Why do we
Who seek the good of
World’s civil society
When in minority 234 more words


'Tacit' by Kate Wakeling


Prospero: No tongue! All eyes! Be silent.
(The Tempest, Act IV, Sc. I)

In the beginning came the hush:
nub of his rule, the anti-ruckus, 326 more words


Hidden Knowledge helped estimate District GDP!

There is perhaps infinite knowledge within each of us.  Some, we are fully aware of and some we are not, the latter is sometimes also referred to as tacit knowledge.  1,306 more words


Learning in the Social Age: A Sketch

I’ve been working with a diverse group of Learning professionals in Madrid today, exploring the Social Age and the ways in which learning has evolved. I sketched this up with a small group, to capture the narrative of ‘what learning is about in the Social Age’ and share it now, not really as a finished or polished framework, but rather in the spirit of #WorkingOutLoud. 316 more words


The Knowledge Management Environment

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about knowledge and tragedy. This post detailed issues of bounded awareness and trust issues during times of disaster. 651 more words

Knowledge Management