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Unspoken or unvoiced; implied without being stated. Latin “tacitus” < “tacere”=to be silent.


A Response to Ordinary Affects

Kathleen Stewart takes a step into the grey areas of anthropology and human interaction with her experimental term, ordinary affects, in the book of the same name. 437 more words

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The Blessing of Service

To serve is a blessing

To You and the world:

Saying, “I love you.”

Without speaking a word.

(Originally written 4-14-17)


Contemplating Life

Managing Knowledge

Knowledge management is a topic in which research has increased considerably in the past decade. Nowadays, organisational knowledge is considered an asset (intangible) that can generate competitive advantage. 163 more words

Knowledge Management

Reflection on Nonaka's theory of knowledge management

A journal article I read last year in IFN615 Information Management by Nonaka (1991), entitled, The Knowledge-Creating Company, had a big impact on me.  I was taken with the way Nonaka described the knowledge-creation process as a knowledge spiral, beginning with the acquisition of tacit knowledge through a process of apprenticeship, or socialisation.  676 more words

Professional Development

Knowledge Transfer

Ever wish you could skip all those exhausting school years and still be smart or successful? Imagine what it would be like if you could download or upload knowledge, literally! 538 more words

Organizational Knowledge And Management

Jai Maharashtra or Jai Hind!

Ayushi Anand

India- the oldest civilization, a rich heritage, integration of 29 states, the largest democracy, a secular nation and epitome of diversity. Our unity is very well exhibited when we celebrate Diwali, Eid, Christmas, and Lohri. 956 more words