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Tacit: adj. understood and/or inferred without verbal communication but frequently sensed by a minimal gesture(s) and even silence

Tacit approval or agreement is sometimes demonstrated with a smile or a wink but sometimes even silence is enough to indicate that there is no further resistance or disapproval of a course of action and that a leader and the team may proceed as outlined without further discussion or debate. 112 more words

Common Sense

On 'The unbearable automaticity of being'

Notes on The Unbearable Automaticity of Being


  • What was noted by E. J. Langer (1978) remains true today: that much of contemporary psychological research is based on the assumption that people are consciously and systematically processing incoming information in order to construe and interpret their world and to plan and engage in courses of action.
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Day Eighteen

Eu gosto disso
que posso só sentar
com vocé, e não
temos que falar,
não temos que dizer
uma palavra, mais
nossa companhia
é tudo de que precisamos… 32 more words



I do not see the point of splitting hairs over whether President Aquino gave the go-ahead for the tragic SAF mission in Mamasapano. It is a matter interesting only for the crisis propaganda team in the Palace. 905 more words


A "click" understanding

That moment when you share a glance with your friend and just know everything. That light shoulder squeeze from your partner and you know he’s supporting you. 183 more words


What is Knowledge Management?

Before I get on to the “what”, let me get to the “why” of Knowledge Management (KM).

Imagine you’re a new sales person at a large retail outlet. 1,041 more words


Discovering New Music

I’m Tacit Blogger, and the topic of discussion is Discovering New Music. I am one of those people who will spend about an hour a month finding a new artist, spend the rest of that month looking into them, and then repeating. 396 more words