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'Tacit Knowledge is Enough to Ferret Out Top Customer Needs'

During the last couple of weeks we were able to establish the following,

  1. Re-structuring was defined as an organization’s ability to constantly adapt & change to market needs.
  2. 983 more words


A breathing couples
your tacit sentinel
with your
punished back.

Passing deep
and lubricated,
it can lull him
into abandoning alarm.


T a c e n d a.

This is a place where I can tell my story, through my eyes, through my experiences, through my heartaches, through my life challenges. This is where I can express all that is supposed to be left unsaid, tacenda and unspoken, tacit.

xo/ C.



Type writers are really extinct. Last ditch sale happening at an erstwhile typewriting institute (called commerce institute) at West Mambalam.



Unspoken or unvoiced; implied without being stated. Latin “tacitus” < “tacere”=to be silent.


A Response to Ordinary Affects

Kathleen Stewart takes a step into the grey areas of anthropology and human interaction with her experimental term, ordinary affects, in the book of the same name. 437 more words

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The Blessing of Service

To serve is a blessing

To You and the world:

Saying, “I love you.”

Without speaking a word.

(Originally written 4-14-17)


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