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Creative Processes

In 2015, my colleague Dr Rachel Mairs and I organised an international workshop that we called ‘Materialising Poetry‘. I have very fond memories of the day, and the theme that we got to discuss with our colleagues and students has been on my mind for a long time. 1,115 more words


The dawn of a happier epoch

After four straight posts on current events, we here at “Reading Old Books” like to turn off the news and treat ourselves to a literary palate-cleanser. 749 more words


Extra-biblical evidence of Jesus

Have you ever worked on a giant jigsaw puzzle? What if some of the pieces are missing? How about piecing together the 20,000 Dead Sea Scroll fragments! 3,364 more words


The Gospel of Luke and Quirinius' census

Although Luke wasn’t an eyewitness to our Messiah’s birth, the story he had been told about came from a reliable source. Luke knew that the story was fully true and, thus, shared it with the whole world. 1,010 more words

Yeshua Is Lord

Cerita Pompeii, Vesivius, dan Awal Mula Kampanye Marketing


Ini sharing ndak penting, yang ndak punya waktu sebaiknya ndak usah dibaca. This thing will swallow your time. Believe meh.. 😜

Beberapa hari ini, dipesawat, dihotel, kerjaan saya selain nyelesaikan games “Fieldrunners2” ya baca sejarah Pompeii. 480 more words

At Work

Brutus, Caesar, Cicero: Orators, Politicians, and... Abominable Poets

Tacitus, Dialogus de Oratoribus 21

“We may grant to Caesar that he achieved less in the way of eloquence than his divine genius would have demanded, largely due to the greatness of his thoughts and occupations. 188 more words


Did an historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn’t add up ...


Did an historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn’t add up …


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