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What is hateful to thee, do not do unto thy fellow

Rabbi Hillel

It is indeed human nature to hate the man whom you have injured.



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Roy Mildor

Some Barbarians

Now to return to the mere Irish. The lords, or rather chiefs of countries (for most of them are not lords from any grants of our kings, which English titles indeed they despise), prefix ‘O’ or ‘Mac’ before their names in token of greatness, being absolute tyrants over their people, themselves eating upon them and making them feed their… 2,603 more words

The Vanity of Nero

The ‘artist’ whose vanity and profligacy wasted public resources, the traces of which the following generation spent years trying to destroy and forget about.

            The Emperor Nero is well known for being the man who ‘fiddled whilst Rome burnt’.

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Tacitus, Roman Slave Legislation and the Death Penalty Defense

The Roman historian Tacitus (AD 56-117) records the murder of the city prefect Pedanius Secundus and the ensuing debate among the Roman senators and populace in the following way: 1,283 more words


The Phoenix

Meaning of word: 1. Sacred bird

2. The lord of jubilees or of long cycles of time Species: 1. Βird

2. Eagle Origins: 1. Egypt… 739 more words


Friday Philosophy...Absence

When I was in University, I had a professor who discussed with us the concept of “absence as presence.” In other words, the absence of a person leads to the deep longing for that individual, which leads to their absence being a presence entirely its own. 117 more words

Friday Philosophy