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What do ancient non-Christian sources tell us about the historical Jesus?

This article from Biblical Archaeology covers all the non-Christian historical sources that discuss Jesus.

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Lawrence Mykytiuk is associate professor of library science and the history librarian at Purdue University.

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Summer of Sixty Nine

Tacitus: The Histories (translated by Kenneth Wellesley)

The year 69 AD was a particularly turbulent year in the history of the Roman empire. Few of the people who lived under its aegis would have counted that year among… 740 more words


“Consequently, to get rid fof the report, Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace.

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Post finem ludicri Poppaea mortem obiit, fortuita mariti iracundia, a quo gravida ictu calcis adflicta est. neque enim venenum crediderim, quamvis quidam scriptores tradant, odio magis quam ex fide: quippe liberorum cupiens et amori uxoris obnoxius erat. 141 more words


“Nos terrarum ac libertatis extremos recessus ipse ac sinus famae in hunc diem defendit; atque omne ignotum pro magnifico est; sed nunc terminus Britanniae patet, nulla iam ultra gens, nihil nisi fluctus ac saxa, et infestiores Romani, quorum superbiam frustra per obsequium ac modestiam effugias. 191 more words


Of all the ancient Greek and Roman historians, Herodotus is the only one I would actually want to share a beer with. Dude could tell a story.

Another Bull's Eye Response

Jon Upsal has posted a rebuttal to the recent, spuriously researched G&R piece by Ryan Smith. You can enjoy his piece here. Read them both folks, (Jon links to the original piece in his article). 187 more words