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Sol and Sunna: the Sources

In this post I have assembled all the written evidence I could find for sun-worship in pre-Christian Germanic and Scandinavian culture. I haven’t covered rock art or other visual evidence for the cult of the sun here as that is a post in itself. 2,074 more words


He Said That? 8/29/15

From Tacitus (56-117), Senator and historian of the Roman empire, The Agricola and The Germania:

Plunderers of the world, when nothing remains on the lands to which they have laid waste by wanton thievery, they search out across the seas.

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Friday Philosophy...Empires

No, I am not talking about the television series “Empire.” :) We’ve only just had cable for the first time in ages, so I haven’t even begun to catch up on any tv shows. 173 more words

Friday Philosophy

Tacitus, Annales 1.36: "The state is in danger"

“Strictness is dangerous, magnanimity disgraceful. Whether nothing or everything is conceded to the military, the state is in danger.”

periculosa seueritas, flagitiosa largitio: seu nihil militi siue omnia concedentur in ancipiti res publica. 13 more words


Tacitus on Jesus

Twenty-three years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ the Roman historian Tacitus was born in 56 AD. In, The Annals of Imperial Rome, Tacitus wrote about major historical events of that time including the following which refers to the time of Nero and the burning of Rome: 241 more words

Caledonia: Rome In Scotland

In 77 AD, Gnaeus Julius Agricola arrived in what is now Wales during the summer as governor and commander of the Roman forces in the British Isles.  794 more words


Thor's Oak and First Contact with Christianity

The above illustration of Bonifacius, née Winfrid of Wessex, now known as St. Boniface, was made by Carl Emil Doepler for Walhall: Die Götterwelt der Germanen… 1,459 more words