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The fairest day after a bad emperor is the first

From Tacitus’ Histories (4.52, text and translation from the Loeb edition by Clifford Moore) – a lesson that loops back to the present, as does much of Tactius. 69 more words

Tacitus the Tourist!

Publius (or Gaius) Cornelius Tacitus (56AD-120AD) was a senator and historian of the Roman Empire.

The Romans invaded Britannia in 43AD and quickly established Roman rule. 151 more words

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Some Roman Collusion for a Year of Confusion

Plautus, Rudens 1248

“I have no interest in profit made from collusion”

ego mi collusim nil moror ullum lucrum.

Tacitus Annals 11.5

“After that point, Suillius was persistent and brutal in pursuing his affairs and in his boldness for finding a mass of rivals. 319 more words



Haec vulgo iactata super id, quod nullo auctore certo firmantur, prompte refutaveris. quis enim mediocri prudentia, nedum Tiberius tantis rebus exercitus, inaudito filio exitium offerret, idque sua manu et nullo ad paenitendum regressu? 372 more words

Fictional Characters Who Appear Even in Historical Literature

This quarter I am busy teaching as part of the Humanities Core at UC Irvine. The course is inter-disciplinary, and covers literature, film, philosophy, history, and visual art. 2,853 more words