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The Archaeological and Historical Evidence That Jesus Was Crucified and Died on the Cross

Not all people in the world believe that Jesus exists and He was crucified on the cross. That is why I wrote this article to help readers understand the Bible biblically and historically.  1,566 more words


Four Goddesses from Old Europe (New Poems)

Many thanks again to Chris Murray for featuring four new poems of mine over at Poethead:

Song to Nehalennia (Netherlands, AD 200)
Looking for Nerthus (AD 100) 11 more words


Why Scarlett Johansson does not understand Ivanka Trump’s public silence

In a recent interview, Scarlett Johansson criticized Ivanka Trump. She said that Ivanka’s failure to challenge her father’s public betrayed her claims to be an advocate for women. 1,743 more words


Tacitus’s The Annals

“Renowned as a public orator and high official in Rome’s imperial administration, Tacitus achieved lasting fame with the historical writing of his later years, in which his political experience and literary skill combine to describe the character of 1st century Roman rule. 705 more words

Political Theory And Government


(Well,  I guess this is a 180 degree turn from my last posting.)

I’m writing today to sort of apologize to my class this afternoon —  No.   852 more words


Pronouncing 'Celt' (Keltos) Correctly

The ancient Greek term for a non-Greek was ‘Keltos’ – referring to what they considered to be ‘uncivilised’ tribes living across Europe (including the UK). In these tribes women were considered equal to men and often fought alongside men in the frontline of battle. 165 more words

Human Interest

The Ninth Legion, the Boudican revolt and the founding of the Lincoln fortress

The Ninth Legion occupy a unique place in the mythology of the Roman army, their alleged ‘disappearance’ in the 2nd Century AD the subject of much speculation and some outlandish fiction. 1,529 more words