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For the public good? Euergetism in Roman Lincolnshire

Towns in the Roman Empire did not develop primarily through centralised state support. Although certain actions, such as the construction of defensive walls, may have required specific imperial permission and in some cases received official support from the provincial government or army in the form of money or manpower, most public structures relied instead on the benevolence of prominent local citizens. 1,960 more words


Some Latin Passages for a Crisis of State

Cicero, Pro Sulla 12

“The charge of participation in that conspiracy was defended by the very man who was part of it, who investigated it, and was a partner in your plans and your fear.” 614 more words



Sed non ope humana, non largitionibus principis aut deum placamentis decedebat infamia, quin iussum incendium crederetur. ergo abolendo rumori Nero subdidit reos et quaesitissimis poenis adfecit, quos per flagitia invisos vulgus Chrestianos appellabat.  409 more words

First Principles: What Makes for Great Speech

“I should consider the speeches of Livy, Sallust, and Tacitus, as preeminent specimens of logic, taste and that sententious brevity which, using not a word to spare, leaves not a moment for inattention to the hearer. 9 more words

First Principles

The Archaeological and Historical Evidence That Jesus Was Crucified and Died on the Cross

Not all people in the world believe that Jesus exists and He was crucified on the cross. That is why I wrote this article to help readers understand the Bible biblically and historically.  1,566 more words


Four Goddesses from Old Europe (New Poems)

Many thanks again to Chris Murray for featuring four new poems of mine over at Poethead:

Song to Nehalennia (Netherlands, AD 200)
Looking for Nerthus (AD 100) 11 more words


Why Scarlett Johansson does not understand Ivanka Trump’s public silence

In a recent interview, Scarlett Johansson criticized Ivanka Trump. She said that Ivanka’s failure to challenge her father’s public betrayed her claims to be an advocate for women. 1,743 more words