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San Salvador to Turks and Caicos (March 15th - 17th)

After waiting for 10 days in San Salvador a good weather window opened, and we jumped on it. We had to cover about 205 nautical miles (nm) to get to Turks and Caicos. 160 more words


Sewing all of my seams together

Using my tailors tacks, I carefully sewed all seams together, including hand sewing my pleats and machine sewing my darts. 32 more words

Tacking and Rays

(Ensenada Playa Grande, Isla San Jose, Las Perlas Islands, Panama)

Ay yi yi. When will we learn? 26 hours later and we finally arrived in the Pearl Islands. 169 more words

Lagoon 410

Supreme Court: Jury Should Determine Whether ‘Tacking’ Is Permissible

Author: Brian R. Westley

Whether a trademark owner should be permitted to “tack” a modified version of its mark onto an earlier version so as to maintain priority over other users is for a jury to decide, the Supreme Court has ruled, resolving a circuit split. 365 more words

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Supreme Court Gives Power Back to Juries in Trademark Cases

If the wording or design of your trademark has evolved over the years, the decision on Wednesday in Hana Financial v. Hana Bank is important. It is the second in a row this week where our top court endorsed the ability and wisdom of those who make the first round decisions in most intellectual property cases. 524 more words


SCOTUS and infographic on the Hana Bank case on "tacking"

I just skimmed the transcript of the Hana Bank case on “tacking” before the Supreme Court and provided comments and some of the interesting dialogue below. 628 more words

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