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You know, it would be a wonder if sometimes we didn’t ALL say things on social media, particularly Twitter, that, upon reflection, would have been better left unsaid. 138 more words

The Triumph of Tackiness: The Materiality of Trump

It has become commonplace to ridicule Donald Trump as “tacky” and dismiss his material style as clumsy excess, a crass display of wealth, or a complete absence of “good taste.”  For instance, in 2015 the… 1,573 more words

We hit the WordPress Freebee Wall today. So what.

Yep, that’s 3 megs worth of free WordPress hosting storage in The Archives, and we hit the limit today. We knew this day was coming, but we weren’t sure which path to take: 146 more words

GIF Animations

On Becoming the Zen Master of Wedding Planning

So I’m planning a wedding. This is not known for being one of the most meditative and relaxing practices. And I’ve been married before, so I have that minefield to walk. 585 more words


Ringly - The Smart Ring

For those women constantly with phone in hand, ready to instantly pounce upon the next text, tweet, instagram, snap, like, follow, friend request, instant message,  @mention, @reply, @retweet, email, or even phone call, the Ringly is here and its goal is to alert you to a very large number of the things that your iPhone can tell you, but perhaps a bit more discreetly. 297 more words

Smart Devices

Wear Something Gaudy Day

I saw that today is “Wear Something Gaudy Day” and had to laugh.  I was thinking what I could wear that would be considered gaudy.   215 more words