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Backstreet's back. from the dead... with N*sync?

Growing up as a nineties kid you had two options:

Unless you were me, and you started off as a Backstreet boys fan and upon learning who Justin Timberlake was, you jumped ship quicker than Rose & Jack onto a plank of wood. 264 more words


Rap Crap

Sheepledog is a fan of arts including music. As such, we will be major media contributors to restoring music to our society and all sheeple within. 272 more words

Truth is Stranger than Fiction, Mexico Edition

and I’m not actually talking about El Chapo’s (second) escape from a “high-security” prison in Mexico.  No, this time it’s Pemex that is providing the hilarious incompetence via an  211 more words

The Big Bond Countdown - 'Diamonds Are Forever'

After a brief fling with another man, the Bond franchise slinks back to Sean Connery with its tail between its legs. This time Bond gets wrapped up in an elaborate plot involving Blofeld, diamonds and satellite heat rays. 846 more words


Being the Perfect Housewife: Lesson #2

So, you cleaned did you? Who would have thought that old sofa would look so good in the foyer? Now if you could just recover it… 511 more words


Words for Everything

The English language has words for everything, and whenever something new comes along, we coin a new word. The latest neologism I heard is bolthole… 597 more words