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Cheap Rhetorical Tricks

Back in the 1980s when inexpensive news programs proliferated, all wanting to emulate 60 Minutes or 20/20, I recall plenty having no problem working the public into a lather over some crime or injustice. 976 more words


Sunday Photo Fiction — Tacky

“I think it’s tacky,” Liz said. “Can you imagine?”

“Well, you know how much Aunt Martha loved her dog,” Marion said. “After Oreo died, Martha took him to a taxidermist and had him stuffed and mounted.” 193 more words

Flash Fiction

The Devouring Public

The movie Gladiator depicts the protagonist Maximus addressing spectators directly at gladiatorial games in the Roman Colosseum with this meme-worthy challenge: “Are you not entertained?” Setting the action in an ancient civilization renowned for its decadent final phase prior to collapse, referred to as… 691 more words


lordes racist and foul photo about Whitney Houston

Lordes always been a ok artist at best to me, however that photo

with the bathtub and”I’ll always love you” which is direct to Whitney Houston… 58 more words


Frida & The Fries

Contemporary Food Culture

Spotted at Kulturbrauerei, Berlin. If you like food trucks, this is the place to go on Sundays.



via Daily Prompt:

One row ahead and slightly to the right, a whirligig is stealing my attention.  It is cheap and purple and spinning wildly.  940 more words