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It's all about taste

It’s all about taste. If you are cheap, nothing helps.
Karl Lagerfeld


GDR Garden Gnomes

These vintage GDR Garden Gnomes have been spotted at the most wonderful VEB Orange in Prenzlauer Berg. If you are interested in design or didn’t grow up behind the Iron Curtain, please make sure to check this store out while in Berlin. 9 more words


Assault by AMC Dolby Cinema

For a variety of reasons, I go to see movies in the theater only a handful of times any given year. The reasons are unimportant (and obvious) and I recognize that, by eschewing the theater, I’m giving up the crowd experience. 1,165 more words


Tassels...Trendy or Tacky?

While this trend has been hot for a while now and I have even tried it out, I have to wonder how silly it will look in photographs 10 years from now.   276 more words


9 Times I Embraced Being a Tourist

I try my best to be a traveler rather than a tourist (if that distinction is important to you). I eat what the locals eat, I get away from the busy places as much as possible, and make sure to see the lesser-known galleries and museums.  1,367 more words


Image and caption found here. I don’t know whose chair that is and I don’t eat Cheetos, and if you’re at all squeamish about CheetoFilth, 31 more words