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10 Random Recommendations Part 17

I have returned with round 17 of recommendations for the holiday weekend. Enjoy! 321 more words


Grilled cheese burrito - Taco Bell

Grilled cheese burrito  Taco Bell    2020

Rating: 3.5 (good)      Price: 2.99  or 5.00 (box)

What I thought: Inside is beef, rice, red chips, chipole, sour cream and I think cheese. 171 more words


Copy Cat Mexican Pizza like from "the bell"

As a kid one of my favorite things to eat was the Mexican Pizza from that fast food restaurant with “the bell”. Crispy, savory, gooey, yummy all in a little box for ease of consumption. 450 more words


PoliSauce Job List: Fast Food

Do you need a job, but don’t know what environment you would fit into? Search no more. We at PoliSauce are proud to help our community by giving you some ideas, based on your unique personality and/or life choices. 291 more words

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Taco Bell tries to juice app downloads with free chalupa deal

NEW YORK — Taco Bell is trying to boost its mobile app subscriptions by enticing customers with a free Chalupa Cravings Box.

For one day only, customers who register on the Taco Bell app will be able to pick up their free offering, consisting of a 5-Layer Burrito, taco, cinnamon twists, and drink. 165 more words



Hey friends!

Taco Bell is buying your lunch today. All you have to do is download their app and select the Chalupa Cravings Box. It is COMPLETELY FREE. 16 more words


Double Decker Breakfast Tacos

Double decker tacos are easily the greatest invention of the Modern World. Yes, that’s right, better than a smart phone, internet, or indoor plumbing. Jk jk. 167 more words