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She was the cutest pooch alive and I was her fat owner. I saw her sleeping peacefully on the couch. She looked a lot like the taco bell mascot, you know a chuwawa. 403 more words

November 16th National Fast Food Day

Fast Food restaurants have been with us for as long as most of us can remember. They became popular in the 1950’s when cars became more affordable and the American population found themselves on the move. 276 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Taco Bell Causes Depression

I’ve wanted Taco Bell for over a month. Thought of a genius idea, download Uber Eats, they have to be down here by now! NO. That’s where I was very, very wrong. 68 more words

Review: Taco Bell Double Chalupa

We here at Shameless Consumer Industries generally don’t like to review limited time items for obvious reasons, but we had to take a look at the Double Chalupa from Taco Bell while that pending lawsuit complaint from the McDonald’s PR firm makes its way through our counsel’s small intestine. 1,267 more words


the last Taco Bell in the universe

Excerpt from “Space Travel Quarterly” Issue 70071

Featured near the brightly lit transport station circling asteroid G-140, the flickering neon “Fly-Thru Open” sign welcomes all to this well worn highway through the Kuiper belt. 260 more words


EXCLUSIVE: We Broke Into the Taco Bell Headquarters and Stole the Secret Menu

This is exclusive Eritas Daily content coming to you Live straight from the horses mouth. A couple of months ago, the writing staff here heard rumors circulating our business complex about a secret menu at Taco Bell. 505 more words