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Let me just begin by saying that I am not a big fan of pork, however I am a HUGE fan of tacos. Over the summer we ventured to Union Market in DC, and there I had a bite of a Korean pork taco and it was divine.

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Taco Night Casserole

Hello! This is my first blog post on my Adventures in a Low-Carb World. A little over a month ago, my RE put me on Metformin and recommended that I go on a low-carb diet. 327 more words



This cornbread is a very simple rustic recipe that I like to make when I’m having a Mexican style meal. Yesterday was Taco Night & I made this to go on the side. 163 more words

Day 290: Sweet Tea

Hello wild ones! I hope your weekend was fun, mine has been ultra relaxing. Last night I did exactly what I said I was going to do, I lazed about in the living room, I lazed about in my bed, and I read until my little eyes couldn’t stand open any longer. 163 more words


The day the taco was invented was the most important day in taco history, but for most of us, it was a Tuesday. The internet meme turned reality; Taco Tuesday is the day of the week where most taco places will offer up savory deals on our favorite Tuesday food. 46 more words

Taco Blurbs

Is there anything to eaaaatt??

I have been in a serious eating funk the past few weeks. On a normal day, I take the last bite of my breakfast as I glance over at the clock to see how many hours it will be until I can eat again. 484 more words


Taco Night with my Roomies!

Nothing better than a homemade taco dinner at the end of a long Monday. Classes were exhausting and homework was a drag but dinner found its way to my heart. 601 more words

Dinner Recipe