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Meh-hih-can supper

ok.. Sorry.. Sorry to all those that mailed me asking where my Mexican dish was for cinco de mayo.. Well here it is!

Having that great hamper of Mexican goodies from my attorney is a great help here! 201 more words

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Taco nights are my favorite nights! Most of the time I use either beef, ground turkey, or chicken, but this time I decided to tackle the fish taco.   309 more words


Toss the fork and knife - it's taco night

In case you haven’t already noticed, I do a lot with my family. And it often revolves around food. This is a common theme in most cultures – food equals communion and strengthening relationships. 957 more words


Kitchen Sink Taco Night

My mom is in town for the week and, unfortunately, Ray and I had to keep our regular working schedule and weren’t able to spend a crazy amount of time with her across the weekdays.  With that in mind, we wanted to throw a little something special together to celebrate the weekend coming around on Friday night.  Since we didn’t have time to go to the store prior, Kitchen Sink Taco Night sounded like the perfect solution! 217 more words


S is for Salsa

Bringing home a guy to meet the parents can be a stressful situation. Add to that an already horrific track record and the fact that the guy I was dating at the time wasn’t entirely white, and the stress level shot through the roof. 334 more words


Chicken Taquitos

I absolutely adore this meal.  .

Truly, I don’t know how else to say this.  It is fantastic and so very simple.

Taquito literally means “little taco”, and that is what these are.   468 more words


Homemade Taco Seasoning

When I’m not in the mood to cook an all out meal our usual go-to is either breakfast food or tacos. We always have hard/soft shells in the pantry and can usually find the other ingredients in the fridge, sometimes the meat ends up being ground chicken, beef or pork. 143 more words