Why I Love Coworking

Since starting my job as the community manager of Surge Tacoma I have reveled in the many amazing colleagues I have met. Some people cowork to get out of their busy house– leaving kids and spouses at home, and needing a different space to work. 227 more words


May 19, 2017

Got the Tacoma back for the shop after it had a “sleepover” – glad to get it back and to see someone’s toy out.


May 18, 2017

For Sirius listeners, The Beatles channel went live today, Ch. 18


Follow Your Passion

In business just as in life it pays to follow your passion.   When you are doing what you are truly passionate about, what you love, you are bound to be successful and you’ll have fun! 138 more words

Union Club News

Tacoma-based Give InKind helps people lend a hand to loved ones

Repost via Rachel Lerman, Seattle Times Business Reporter.

Tech Spotlight: Give InKind, launched a year ago, operates a website that lets people plan, request and send anything their loved ones might need as they celebrate good news or go through a hard time. 74 more words

Pacific Northwest

The nation's oldest registered nurse is still working at Tacoma General

TACOMA, Wash. — The oldest working registered nurse in the U.S. lives right here in Washington state. Florence ‘SeeSee’ Rigney is 92 years old.

She first started as a nurse in 1946. 162 more words

Shareable Stories

A Haunting of Bundy Proportions

It’s all over the internet: Ted Bundy’s Childhood Home HAUNTED! No murders ever occurred in the home (that I’ve been able to confirm) and Bundy had long left home by the time he was arrested. 603 more words