Sound Transit proposes faster schedule for ST3

In response to public comments about building transit faster, Sound Transit today proposed to build the ST3 projects sooner — between 2-5 years faster, depending on the project. 172 more words

Community Involvement

Residential Cooling - Tips & Tricks

We don’t get it all year-long but here in Washington when the sun makes and appearance – our homes feel the heat.

Higher temperatures in the home can make it difficult to sleep, uncomfortable and can be dangerous to pets and those at home throughout the day. 394 more words


Into the Teeth of Love: Why I'm Not Giving Up My Faraway Dentist

Anyone else out there love going to the dentist? 

For me, it’s not about that silky clean-teeth sensation (that lasts all of about 36 hours), nor the goody-bag of miniature tooth care products that still makes me feel like a kid at a birthday party. 232 more words

Wing's Words

Canada! - B.C.

Just went to Canada for the first time this weekend. My sister Victoria and i made a road trip out of it. We stayed it Surrey, BC. 1,102 more words


Literally Tacoma Podcast: Jennifer Jennifer Chushcoff

Ahem (she cough-coughs, then speaks up)

Excuse me, Washington artists, writers, and creative extraordinaires: I thought you’d like to know that Creative Colloquy’s podcast, Literally Tacoma… 60 more words


New Model S owner blocks ChargePoint EV charging space

There is a brand new charging location in Franklin TN at the McEwan Building. It went live last week so I ran over there to check it out and see if there is a fee to use the stations or not (there isn’t they are free). 305 more words

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