UFOs and Men In Black in Tacoma

Being out on the water on Commencement Bay gives one time to think about things. If you are like me, you might think, “What if there were a sea monster under the boat?” or “What if I saw a Sasquatch on the land?” or “What if I saw a UFO?” These fantasies have been with us forever. 935 more words

Tacoma History


I’m sitting in this little donut shop across from the Amtrak station in Tacoma. I reek like fucking body odor. I feel sorry for whoever gets stuck sitting next to me on the train to Olympia. 703 more words


Urban Sketchers show

These are my items for the upcoming Urban Sketchers Tacoma art show.  There are 3 8×10 prints of sketches done on location around Tacoma.  Upper left is the Johnson Candy Company, upper right is a the “Blanket Stories” sculpture outside the Tacoma Art Museum and the lower right is the Factor’s House at Fort Nisqually. 85 more words

Urban Sketchers

head spell

Kenton Krueger

Kenton Krueger

U District

tried to tell him he’s already cool but oh well

Stadium High School — Tacoma


Advanced Health Care and the Department of Health (DOH)

Advanced Health Care is licensed by the Department of Health (DOH) as a Home Health Agency.  That means we are required to follow the laws, rules and regulations in… 358 more words

Home Care