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Stars of CM9798 - No. 1 - Arnor Gudjohnsen

An obscure 36 year-old plying his trade at Orebro at the start of the game might seem an unusual choice for the first CM9798 star. However, we’re not going for the obvious players like (the real) Ronaldo or Paulo Maldini, this is a series about the hidden gems. 418 more words


Champ Mananger's Tactics Truck

So here’s the bit where I share my tactical knowledge which ensured that Torino and Anderlecht failed to win their leagues, despite arguably having the best squads…. 556 more words


The beauty of a habit

The habit will turn into a beauty when we do it almost without thinking. This does not mean we should do something with carelessly and without thinking, I did not say that! 359 more words


Learning to write (create article)

Writing, for some people was very difficult. Starting from determining the topics or titles, as well as in developing the topic or title into the text. 266 more words


Learn to motivate ourselves in writing, for a beginner (like me)

Love in terms of writing is very important in motivating us to become a writer. But sometimes we need a bit of pressure so that we are motivated to make some writing, and it’s not a bad thing as long as we are still dominated by a feeling lazy. 381 more words


How to write better titles for blog posts (via The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

Daily post had some interesting comments about post titles.

If you’re interested in more traffic, you should check out this top ten list of tips from Poynter.org.

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5 easy ways to blog when you're busy (via The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

As u said, I reposted this blog because i likes it and shared so that others can also know about it. How is that? Hope u wont mind :) 68 more words