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Tadao Ando - Garden of Fine Arts, Kyoto

I was headed to the Kyoto Botanical Gardens and read about this outdoor ‘museum’ designed by the brilliant architect Tadao Ando. You are led through the space with walkways and running water that takes you to viewing spots of the 8 or so ‘works of art’ on view. 72 more words

21-21 Design Site - Roppongi, Tokyo

Found this magnificent building by happy accident while trying to find some other place. Designed by the brilliant Tadao Ando of whom I had always been a fan of when looking in architectural journals. 92 more words

kobe kaisei hospital / comfort hills rokko

this building complex combines a hospital with a nursing home including a nursing care unit. it can be regarded as a further addition to the rokko housing units I – III which are located only some hundred meters away.  47 more words


rokko housing I-III

the rokko housing comlex I -III consists of 244 residential units built between 1981 and 2000 in three stages. rokko I is the first large residential building project of ando after a series of single-family houses. 252 more words


nadahama garden

nadahama garden is a pool and a public bath designed by tadao ando. the overwhelming part of the building is under the surface so that there is enough space for plants and a generous lawn. 16 more words


hyogo prefectural museum of art

the hyogo prefectural museum of art is situated on the kobe waterfront. the museum  was planned integrally together with the kobe waterfront plaza (see below) as part of the reconstruction scheme after the kobe earthquake in 1995. 16 more words


nagisa park

gps: 34.697941, 135.216561 / code: japkob0006

link to google maps

location: japan, kobe

architect: tadao ando

completed: 2002

photo: 17/01/10