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Prepare for docking

What I haven’t photographed in any of this is the drainage, the large hole for a soak-away that was dug and filled in today, with crates in place. 76 more words


Slimey Shape-shifters

Have you ever found a frog in your toilet? Or perhaps had one living in your water tank? If you live in Queensland, New South Wales or in the tropics, then you would probably be very familiar with the green tree frog (Litoria caerulea). 1,095 more words


Frog Destiny

My tadpoles are growing at a rapid rate, some having already morphed into frogs and left my pond for wider froggy horizons. I hope I retain enough in my garden to sing the chorus I love so well. 373 more words


Tadpoles at Snelsmore Common

Whilst out on a lovely sunny walk through Snelsmore Common we came across a pond. As we edged closer to the side of the pond we saw something moving, tadpoles. 29 more words


It staggers me

to think that I owe my existence to the most athletic among a crowd of sperm cells.


The Courts at Holt

As we couldn’t go to Cornwall as planned, we have decided to make the most of our ‘staycation’, beginning with lunch at The Field Kitchen at Holt and a stroll around The Courts, National Trust Gardens. 40 more words

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