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They Grow Up so Fast!

A not so cute baby:

Turns into a cute little frog:

You have to admit he is cute!  :)


My Froggy Friend

I found the little guy on the left in floating around in the inside water tub a few weeks ago. I put him by the overflow of the outside water tub, hoping he would stick around. 72 more words

Days on the Road 5

We arrived at the Warburton Roadhouse last night after a gruelling days to after a gruelling day on some of the worst gravel road I have travelled, and I’ve been on a few. 373 more words


Managing Metamorphosis

Imagine being able to completely change your body; change its shape, its colour, its size, the manner of its mobility. Not only that, imagine what a challenge it would be to become an air breather after previously getting oxygen through gills – to change to a frog from a tadpole. 409 more words



Seems like ages ago since frog spawn first arrived in my pond but not even four months on we’ve nearly got froglets . My own personal pest controllers in the making… 26 more words


1933 Elementary Science Book

I was planning to write about the tadpoles in the pond when I found a story about tadpoles in an old science lesson book. This book was one that my grandmother used in school. 113 more words

Over and Under the Pond, by Kate Messner

What better sign of spring is there than the appearance of new life in a pond? In Over and Under the Pond, Kate Messner and Silas Neal capture this magic. 285 more words