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Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Five: Frogspawn

Little black seeds, commas in jelly, waiting en masse for the water to warm a little, growing inside shell-less eggs, your larder surrounding you, jailor and protector, until you are big enough to fend for yourselves. 94 more words


Alice's tadpole

Elizabeth Stocker, 21 February 2015

Elizabeth, Dawn, Sheena and Katie all made tadpoles to use as ornamentation for the bench we were making to commemorate our friend Andre’s life.  461 more words

Life At The Forge

Hello world! Twmbarlwm - 419 Meters

Twmbarlwm – 419 Meters

Our first walk was a local ramble up Twmbarlwm, myself,  Amy and the Dog. We took it slowly walking up the southern side of the mountain. 211 more words

A Tale of Two Tortoises: Greenes Falls Rainforest Track - Mt Glorious

I contemplated calling this post, “The Slowest Hike in the World” as it took 4 ½ hours to cover a mere 4.3 km. New readers might be thinking it must have been an arduous hike involving rugged terrain, steep climbs or waist-deep mud. 1,372 more words


The Rhymney goes round

thrust up from earth belly deeps
rising through coal seams
born on a rocky peak
the spring bursts forth
crystal pure
running clear
reflecting diamond… 74 more words


Earth Is a Bus We Can't Get Off, and I Don't Trust the Drivers

Winter has fled the West Coast and ended in the East. Seated as I am in the Northern California section of our “bus”, I wish, not for oil pipelines but for water pipelines to carry such moisture to our parched state from those who are over supplied. 594 more words


“tadpoles in the pond
swim beneath the floating leaves
mindless of the fly”

Kurt Brindley

There’s so much depth into this haiku.

The Quote Challenge