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Froggy Future

Froggy Future

In a discarded

coffee can, dozens of polliwogs:

haiku to come.

–Tom Riley

The Tadpoles Of Bufo Cognatus Say EPUB

Great Plains Toad – Anaxyrus cognatus (Say, Tadpoles graze on submerged rocks or plants feeding on plant material and decomposing Bufo cognatus Say, 1823 Get this from a library! 249 more words

Tadpole update 4/10/2018

These guys are getting huge!

Also, their numbers shrank.

We started with five. They were all VERY tiny. They must have been freshly hatched. Mortality rate can be pretty high with tadpoles and they will eat one another or their dead comrades. 69 more words



Spring reluctantly inches forward through late snow, relentless rain and leaden skies

in the dormant pond
a clutch of jellied tadpoles
first kingfisher flash

Kim M. 56 more words

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Micro-Holiday: March Of The Tadpole's!

Just wanted to shoot a friendly reminder that the Micro-holiday, March Of The Tadpole’s is happening in game today.

With all of the Battle For Azeroth excitement, this would be a fun, non critical part of the game that could be a fun way to get into the game today! 40 more words

World Of Warcraft


A week after the spring rains receded, Diego and his dad laughed as they caught tadpoles at the abandoned quarry. Diego found a stunning specimen and showed his dad. 18 more words


Teaching With Tadpoles

A few months ago, my youngest son received some money for his birthday. He was born at the beginning of December. I usually make him wait till after the holidays to spend any of it. 241 more words