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Your garden needs a pond!

One of the absolute best ways to attract wildlife into your garden is to introduce water. It doesn’t need to be a lot either, even the smallest of ponds will allow an increase in biodiversity. 604 more words


Pleasures - Tadpoles

If you look closely, you may be able to discern a few large tadpoles nestled in the strands of my pond plant. I’ve always found tadpoles to be interesting, and every year we try to find a few to put into our pond. 118 more words



I have just finished and delivered an unusual little cabinet to a client today. I made it from a truly spectacular piece of locally sourced sycamore. 511 more words


a little saturday: mud, smiles, and tears

Kaiser and I spent the day out in the fields, gardens and rice paddies looking for frogs and treasures. There is an expansive community garden a few blocks away. 151 more words

Second Year In Korea

From "Jane vs. the Megafrog" by Ari Penfield-Cuff

It had been a long night for the group of students holed up in Tammy’s parents’ holiday house in the mountains. First, a fierce storm blowing in off the mountains had put the kibosh on their plans to smooch each other out in the sunshine and at the lake. 285 more words


Reality tv, Freaks, Sifaka and Traumatic Haiku

Morning :-)

Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. I am thinking of scheduling another walk for next week.

Do you all watch reality tv? 468 more words


Tadpole Update

After managing to keep them alive for weeks (no mean feat, in my opinion) and getting them to the point where they were actually growing legs (!!!), all of our tadpoles have unfortunately shuffled off this mortal coil. 348 more words