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Frog Spawn and Tadpoles

This year, although it’s only march, is already potentially problematic for the wildlife in our gardens.

The mild but wet spring means not enough food for the bees . 117 more words


Glorious Growing!

If you walk into Onyx classroom over the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to tell its Spring. There is lots of springtime growing happening right in front of our eyes. 19 more words


The Tadpole Nebula

‘If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes’ and whilst writing today it’s difficult to remember the joys of spring that were burgeoning forth… 156 more words


Frog Spawn

Frog spawn apparently ‘appears’ between January and February or March, in any pond where there are frogs. I have had various people asking if we had any over the past few weeks, but had to keep saying no, the pond was less than a year old and I didn’t know if we would this first year. 399 more words


Impulse and inspiration today

I have been thinking about making frogs and want to make native NZ ones instead of the classic shape i see.  I could probably find a picture on NZ Forest and Bird but there is so much more fun to it when you get to study them in person. 100 more words

It's Adventure Time Again, Huzzah!

It’s not raining; there is blue sky and the birds are chirping. The roosters are also hollering themselves hoarse. Earlier, I sent the boys off with water, oranges and clif bars to either die or walk up and down the driveway a few times. 682 more words