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San Makgi - The most misunderstood ‘block’ in Taekwondo

I mentioned in a previous article that Do San was the most hated pattern in TKD, but how it contains some very strong applications. The same can be said for san makgi. 701 more words


Grading Results

I passed my TKD Grading with flying colours or in this case kicks.

I’m now officially a blue belt with red tags.

I got pretty good feed back too but the biggest compliment for me was that it was noticed how much my fitness has improved (due to weight loss) and that I had an A for effort in that department.

Feeling kick ass tonight!

Teen and Adult Class

The teen and adult class is the one I have been taking with the kids for awhile now. It is a bit intense at times but given yesterday’s class as the gauge, this will be a piece of cake. 465 more words



ជូនពរមីងសុខសប្បាយតាមផ្លូវ​ ហើយកីឡាករខេត្តបាត់ដំបងបានជ័យជំនះ​។




Second Black Belt Class

I discovered yesterday a class that was so much more challenging than the black belt class in the other school. The class that the Grandmaster leads. 423 more words


I want to play with the right team

I want to fill this team I have now, with memories that’ll last them for a long time to come.

Life goes fast, faster than I could imagine it going. 17 more words


Experience Korean culture through performances!

One of the means of experiencing the Korean culture is to watch some performances with representative Korean cultural elements. There are in fact some good performances which you can enjoy even if you don’t know Korean. 478 more words

Korean Culture