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The Number Nine

I am an atheist and am not superstitious but I have always had a special affinity for the number nine. First of all, it is my birthday. 186 more words



As a species, we humans are designed to be curious. It is literally wired into our brains to question and to migrate towards either different places or different experiences. 389 more words

Age Is Just A Number In Martial Arts Training

Generally speaking, martial arts schools train students of all ages in karatetaekwondo and other self-defense disciplines. However, most classes are catered to young children. 111 more words

Martial Arts

So Just Chill Till the Next Episode

“To surrender,” my yoga teacher said as he looked around the dark room at our upturned faces, “you sometimes first have to build heat.”

It was my first yoga class in about a month. 554 more words

I Get All Zen And Yoga-y

Confederação de Taekwondo confirma Anderson Silva nas seletivas para Jogos Olímpicos Rio 2016

Quanto vale o sonho de disputar uma Olimpíada? Para Anderson Silva, vale até passar vergonha. Em entrevista coletiva realizada na tarde desta quarta feira, na sede da Confederação Brasileira de Taekwondo (CBTKD), o ex-campeão do peso médio do UFC falou sobre o processo de conseguir a vaga, a polêmica sobre sua decisão e a reação dos outros atletas da modalidade. 660 more words


Tournament Season In Full Swing!

Busy busy bee, yep, thats me! I have two very important tournaments coming up that are only a week apart: Master Shims Invitational, and the Georgia Games State Qualifiers. 139 more words