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ITFSA Senior Vice President, Sabum-nim Brannon Phillips 

Meet Sabum-nim Brannon Phillips, 6th Dan Certified International Instructor, ITFSA Senior Vice President, currently based in Los Angeles, California, United States. Sabum-nim Brannon is both passionate and committed to the positive growth of the ITFSA and its members. 192 more words


10 Morning Habits You MUST TRY To Ensure A Successful Day!


Okay, so there have been a million articles, videos, and blog posts on the Internet telling you what you should do in the morning to be happy and healthy.  1,668 more words


Thoughts on Knife Defense

Recently on my YouTube feed I saw this:

Silla Knife Pattern

I have to admit that I had no idea that this form existed but with a little research it seems to have been around for many years. 876 more words


Taekwondo Belt Rack

Finally got my belt rack. Been wanting toto get this for ages, but it’s a bit difficult to find one for Taekwondo online, there’s lotsa Karate ones though, and the ones I did manage to find was a bit pricey. 121 more words


Wheelchairs session 2 (long)

There are 5 of us altogether, it’s the young ones who are more interested than the older ones. I’m running it immediately after our normal session to make it as easy as possible for our students to attend (sometimes afterwards they practice anyway) but at the moment we just have a small group. 420 more words

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