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small victories.

three failed attempts. that’s all it took.

Today we had some of our more interesting lessons. Some of them could be characterised that way. I say, staring around a milling bus station. 1,263 more words


Basic Terminology and Class Conduct

Last week in class one student asked me for a “cheat sheet” of all the terms that they need to know for testing.   I suggested that they listen instead of read and memorize.   343 more words

Martial Arts

Getting my butt kicked

Thursday was a rough but interesting day for me. After a crazy long day of work I drove towards a small town called Kolind where I was going to take part in my very first Taekwondo practice! 883 more words

The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do... (more than words)

The Tenets of Tae Kwon Do are usually found hung somewhere in the Dojang of every school.  They are five simple words/phrases that are required to be memorized by all students as early as yellow belt.   464 more words

Martial Arts

Taekwondo: Grace and Power

Move across the floor

Motion: elegant power

Taekwondo’s beauty


Taekwondo Birthdays...

On the demo team at taekwondo, we have this really good coach named Mr. Park, and every year, when someone has a birthday, he goes to this nice bakery and gets one of us a cake for our birthday. 26 more words


Dreams of Sex are Metaphors for Intimacy in Relationships

12 February 2017

Usually when I dream of other people I don’t tell them, I just work through the lesson and apply it. When we dream of someone and it’s positive, it’s good to think of their positive qualities because the dream is about how these qualities are also developing in the dreamer. 966 more words