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Tests, Chicks, and Roundhouse Kicks

This week has found us running in multiple directions and pulling some long hours as we work to finish up the school year. Many of our activities are coming to a close as we head into the summer months and the kids are all trying to complete the last of their school work by the end of next week. 658 more words

Taekwondo exercise protocols do not recreate the physiological responses of championship combat.

The aim of this study was to determine the external validity of Taekwondo-specific exercise protocols. 10 male international Taekwondo competitors (age 18±2 years) took part in a championship combat and an exercise protocol that simulated the activity pattern of Taekwondo combat. 169 more words


Demetri's Taekwondo Academy Members celebrate Birthday at Charlie’s Place

A very energetic group celebrates a member’s birthday at Charlie’s Place.

Demetri’s Taekwondo Academy is a Martial Arts School offering Tae Kwon Do classes in Gloucester, MA for kids, men and women. 15 more words

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The Three R's, Part I

Periodically, we need to take inventory of our lives and our training. One way to do this is to practice the Three R’s: Rewind, Review, and Renew.


Swan Lake Would Have Been a Lot More Interesting with an Odile/Odette Smackdown

“Move over, ballerina,” my instructor said impatiently as I was attempting a takedown during hand-to-hand practice. “You’re taking these little steps and going nowhere,” he continued. 643 more words

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Siap Boyong Piala ke Cianjur

*Anggaran Diberikan Pengcab 80 Persen

JL SLAMET RIYADI – Cabang olahraga Taekwondo Cianjur, mengirimkan 17 atlet yang hari ini siap bertanding dalam Kejuaraan Nasional Taekwondo di Universitas Putra Indonesia (UPI) Bandung. 145 more words


Caffeine reduces reaction time and improves performance in simulated-contest of taekwondo

The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of caffeine on reaction time during a specific taekwondo task and athletic performance during a simulated taekwondo contest. 312 more words