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Taemin Focus "Lucifer" Rehearsal

He looks so young, and cute, and fluffy here ;-;


Taemin Focus "Sherlock" at SHINee World Concert III

He did that in the beginning because Minho messed up and started ahead of the BGM XD


Tunes: Shinee

I used to be very hesitant when it came to sharing that I used to listen to K-Pop during my high school and early college days. 385 more words


Quick Updates!

Hello Shawols! <3

I’ve been really busy for personal reasons but please bear with me. Here are some quick updates for you! ;)

1: Onew injured his leg (or ankle), I believe but seemed fine their last concert so don’t worry! 74 more words


Minwoo Park

Full Name: Minwoo Park.
Age: Twenty-One.
Birthday: July 18th.
Gender: Cisgender Male.
Sexuality: Homosexual Homoromantic.
Occupation: Psychology Student.
Residency: Seoul, South Korea.
Species: Human.

Face Claim:  67 more words