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Soulmate III (End)

All this time, Taeyeon thought she didn’t have a soulmate. 1,189 more words


Soulmate II

a/n: Seriously though, I should’ve known Soulmate was going to be more than a one shot. -__-

Disclaimer: Still a crackfic. Also still very short. 687 more words


Soulmate I

a/n: I’ve come across a number of fanfictions having this unique soulmate theme, where one could feel their soulmate’s pain and vice versa. It’s a very interesting premise, and though I’d love to write a more substantial story with that theme in mind, I’ve decided to just wing it and write a one shot about it. 791 more words


[1] Crashing The Tides

a/n: I’ve finally decided to make this a collection under the Surfer AU tab on the menu. Basically, it’s going to be a dump of related one shots of surfer TaeNy dealing with everyday… 1,614 more words