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JPGroove Sample Sale & New Pullipstyle Coupon Code

There are a couple of noteworthy Pullip sales/specials within the US going on right now so I thought that I should share!

JPGroove Sample Sale…
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A VIP's first

It was really a shocking and exciting news for me and my mom when we saw that Big Bang is going here in Singapore for a fan-meeting (yep you read it right, my mom is a Kpop fan too! 405 more words

Big Bang

No, Taeyang Is Not the Justin Bieber of K-Pop [Opinion]

Kpoppers, it’s time to stop the comparisons.

Stop comparing BTS to EXO and BIGBANG to SHINee, and please stop comparing all Korean boy groups to One Direction. 394 more words

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Song for weekend

Một bài nhạc không lời cho ngày cuối tuần nhẹ nhàng.


SF9 - Jungle Game

Welcome to my jungle game
aesseo What chimchakhal piryo eopseo
simjangi ttwige naebeoryeo dwo
Huh Are you ready to go
beolsseo What i geimeun sijakdwaesseo… 355 more words

Rose of Versailles Pullip Collaboration Series, Again?

In a surprising move today Groove just announced that they would be re-releasing the Rose of Versailles collaboration series of dolls via their blog. The dolls are being re-released in honor of the 45th anniversary of the debut of the Rose of Versailles manga series, in addition to it being 45th anniversary of the debut of her most popular manga 2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of it’s creator Riyoko Ikeda. 228 more words


SF9 - 4 Step

Oh listen
Oh ah yeah
( everyday every night excuse me girl)
nal boneun nunbit siseondeureul neukkiji
jyaeneun mwoji malhagessji
ja jigeumbuteo ginjanghae
yeogil Bomb modu Pow… 467 more words