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1. [+504, -11] They’re probably curious about whats inside big bang’s fridge..

2. [+357, -5] Seriously, all of my favourite people…Haengshyo~~ 132 more words

Big Bang

So you’re probably thinking to yourself: “Big Bang, really? You’re just hearing of them now?” It wasn’t until last year that I really got into K-Pop and so, yes, I’m just getting into them now, and I have to say that I love them! 341 more words


Lyrics: 150821 Mino feat. Taeyang - "Fear (겁)" from SMTM4 Episode 9 Semi-Finals!


When I looked back I had come farther than I thought
I was all alone, and all of a sudden I feared
When I looked at myself, I didn’t know that I was exhausted… 937 more words


BIG BANG-Let's Not Fall In Love[우리 사랑하지 말아요] | Edits


BIG BANG-Let’s Not Fall In Love[우리 사랑하지 말아요] | Edits 6 more words