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Tag, I'm It! (Liebster Award)

Fieldstones nominated me for a Liebster award. Thanks, Fieldstones!

The Liebster is really more of a chain letter meme that has been passed around for awhile, and the rules have changed over time. 937 more words


I believe...

A few weeks ago  F.B. over at The Change I Wish to See gave me an Honest Scrap Award and like a total flake I have neglected to pass it on.  473 more words

Tag, I'm It

H & R and other things

F.B. recently did this at one of my favorite blogs The Change I Wish to See.  When I asked if we could change the format slightly (to suit my borderline obsession with listing things in 5’s) he happily complied.  688 more words



I know these interviews have been popping up on various blogs.  Since the format asks five questions and my dear friend Carmen was kind enough to send me five good ones, I thought I would give it a try.  640 more words

Tag, I'm It

Tag, I'm it.

Last week my bloggy friend Le Petite Belle tagged me with this meme.  It is not a list of five… but it seems fun so here goes.  327 more words

Stuff you wanted to know about me.

Welcome Friends & Strangers!

I have noticed that many of you keep coming back to visit. and that makes me very happy. I know how hard it is finding good reading material at work – particularly in the bathroom. 804 more words


Picture Tag

I have been tagged by my friend Elizabeth. The rules (according to her) are quite simple. Put your answer to each question in google images and pick a picture from the first page of the results. 80 more words