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Fill the Blank with Your Humor


Add your funny tag line/punchline to this picture as a comment here.  I will post some soon enough.

Concerns And Alerts

the name game

First class at Blogging U.: homework on who I am. Second class at Blogging U.: “edit your title and tagline.”

My title is a darkened house… 287 more words

Blogging U. 101

Art & Articles @ launchings5

One photo of two lobster boats, side by side, at the marina in Cardigan, PEI will serve to illustrate my title and tag line for this second exercise of Blogging 101. 198 more words


What does my tag line mean!?

“Nothing Like Your Last Girl” signifies being different. It portrays the rareness inside each and every one of us. We are all exclusive compared to the next. 58 more words


Sometimes you just need a break from all the internet chaos. But there is only so long that I can go without checking my blog, exploring on my Instagram, refreshing my twitter feed and pinning on my Pinterest. 80 more words

It's About Time: Time Well Spent

I am participating in a course offered by WordPress called “Blogging 101”.  I thought that I would post regularly on this blog every other week on Sundays, however, during this course, I would like to share my assignments and get feedback from my readers.   673 more words

What is Writings and Worship?

Hello friends! I thought I should take a few minutes to share what my inspiration and goal is for Writings and Worship. I want you to know my vision and the purpose for this blog, just in case you haven’t figured it out!  450 more words

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