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My Mom Flies A Helicopter

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during late in the afternoon or early in the evening, and I was riding in a small helicopter with my mom and my brother GC and an unknown tall thin young man with dark-color skin with short black hair. 2,054 more words

Dream Journal

What Does It Mean To Be An Independent Artist?

In today’s music industry, many are unclear as to what it means to be an independent artist. The most basic definition of an independent music artist is a undiscovered group that is not signed to one of the big four labels. 1,308 more words


Tag Team

You are having a chat with a friend. There’s laughter here and there. When all of a sudden, someone taps you on the shoulder. It’s someone you know. 113 more words

L I F E 2 0 1 7

May 2017

Well, I’ve not managed to write up many of the plethora of wrestling events I’ve seen recently, but I have managed to keep track of matches I loved. 508 more words

British Wrestling

Retro Review #2 (ROH 11th Anniversary)

                                                                                Welcome back to Rest Hold Party Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your Local Hero and your Review Guy Cameron McDonley, and I am back for installment number 2 of the Retro Review series. 2,136 more words

New Beginnings

“All passengers flying to Edmonton are kindly requested to go to the departures lounge” a gentle voice blasted from the speakers.
“That’s me,” I managed to whisper into her ears as she tightened her grip. 1,157 more words

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Enzo and Cass Moving To Smackdown Was A Missed Opportunity

I love Enzo and Big Cass. They’re probably the most entertaining duo on WWE programming at the moment. Enzo is great on the mic and Cass is a great big man. 394 more words